The general claims chart exemplified below is one of many claims charts on multiple intellectual property assets invented by Scott. In addition to other proofs of ‘first-to-invent’ status, signed NDA’s, leaked competitor emails, internal competitor documents, federal file wrappers, news videos, whistle-blower testimony, court records and voluminous other evidence exists to support the veracity of the assertions over IP rights.

Scott was working with the CTO of Akamai, to partner the two technologies, when he was killed in the 9-11 hijackings. Danny had admitted that Scott had created the technology FIRST! Danny provided key information about what “Google was really doing..”. which has been disclosed to federal regulators.

Scott’s patents were filed years earlier than Danny’s!


The remaining Akamai staff went ahead and used Scott’s technology anyway and never paid Scott for it.



Akamai’s Delivery Management System

A computing device that:

[ component candidate # 1 ]

  1. receives user requests for a media file in the media file DB;

REF: www.akamai.com/html/technology/products/license_delivery.html

  1. Secure, deliver, and monetize your audio and video on-demand streaming When end users request files, Akamai delivers them from the optimal Akamai

  1. identifies average network throughput between computing device & the requesting users; and

REF: www.akamai.com/dl/technical…/GloballyDistributedContentDelivery.pdf

  1. bandwidth, or (in more advanced sites) the order of magnitude above average loads); with peering points between network service the service requested, user location, and network ….. work’s equipment ages, a fraction of the devices

REF: www.cs.cmu.edu/~15…/Akamai_EdgeSuite_Turbocharging_Websites.pdf

Akamai provides solutions that optimize Web site performance, As content delivery pathways between the server and the user continue to become more congested, requesting popular Web content may well have those requests served from a

REF: i.i.com.com/cnwk.1d/html/itp/akamani_NetForecastSAPWP.pdf

  1. As an application delivery network service provider, Akamai is able to to that of non Akamai-enabled users between 3000 and 6000 miles from the server. user’s request to the optimal Akamai edge server, where route optimization finds the average. NetForecast has seen SAP applications that achieve performance at

  1. routes the user requests to a distribution server based upon at least the average network throughput.

REF: www.cs.northwestern.edu/~asu224/doc/akamai-ton.pdf

  1. requests can be dynamically forwarded to topologically prox- imate replicas. on replica selection and determine high-speed Internet paths the most extensive distribution network in the world—claiming between end-users and Akamai edge-servers; and 2) how such over 50, for at least one of the Akamai customers.

REF: www.akamai.com/dl/technical…/GloballyDistributedContentDelivery.pdf

bandwidth, or (in more advanced sites) the serve requests from a variable number of Global Deployment of Data Centers new routes when connections fail. ■ order of magnitude above average loads); with The mapping system resolves a hostname based on the service requested, user location, and network

REF: www.qwest.com/…/4-1-11_Content_Delivery_Network_Services_Final.pdf

Latency: Akamai’s extensive distribution of content servers ensures the …. fastest, most reliable routing paths. Each performance metric is based on a daily average of performance …. Upon receiving a request for content, an edge server

REF: images.harpercollins.co.uk/…/Akamai%201…/RMA_Service_Description.p…

  1. Delivering average performance improvements of up to five times that of original balancing decisions are based on real-time analysis of a user’s location, Akamai’s deployment spans continents and networks to bring content closer to requests are directed to Akamai servers most likely to contain the requested content.

A distribution server coupled to the media file database and that:

central directory servers”

  1. simultaneously delivers a single copy of the requested media file to the requesting users in less-than-real-time; and

REF: www.akamai.com/dl/technical_publications/network_overview_osr.pdf

  1. DNS, content delivery, quality of service, streaming media. 1. …. topologies, latencies, or realtime congestion of the underlying video and other large files. …. requested content (arrow 2). In order to respond to a request from a user, the edge server …. less than a decade ago, video now constitutes more than a third of

REF: www.akamai.com/dl/feature_sheets/fs_DRM.pdf

  1. Akamai unites global content delivery and DRM in a single, integrated service that brings Akamai gives us the tools to manage, secure, control and report media file usage and ensure only revenue streams due to illegal copying and

REF: trac.cyberduck.ch/wiki/help/en/howto/akamai

Open source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files, The first time your content is served to a worldwide user (one in Tokyo, for example), a copy of the content will be stored in cache on The next time the content is requested, its pulled directly from the cached copy on the edge servers, dramatically reducing delivery time.

  1. automatically adjusts delivery based on current average network throughput between the distribution server and the requesting users

REF: www.akamai.com/dl/technical_publications/network_overview_osr.pdf

Akamai first pioneered the concept of Content Delivery Networks. (CDNs) [18] more than This paper presents a broad overview of the current Akamai platform …. designed for performance: BGP bases its route calculations primarily on AS …… enhance the servers’ abilities to adjust their own capacity inputs to the mapping

REF: www.eweek.com/…/Akamai-Launches-Open-Video-Player-for-HT

Akamai, a provider of cloud-based services for optimizing Web and mobile This toolkit offers a flexible “strategy” approach to maintain the current video experience, part of Akamai’s HD Network, for delivery to Mobile Safari on Apple adjust video quality levels based on a user’s connection speed (wifi,

REF: www.akamai.com/dl/technical_publications/query_osr.pdf

demand media streaming to the delivery of static and information regarding the current status of the Akamai plat- form and the avg(p.rss) avg_memory. FROM Query in Section 4 and the performance it provides them in. Section 5. ….. reaggregation to adjust to network and node reconfigura- tions.