USI President, Randy Landreneau, and USI Founder, Paul Morinville, have spent the last month in D.C. advocating for the rights of US startups and inventors. Together, they have met with over seventy senate offices!
While visiting D.C., they learned of three damaging bills that we need your help to stop.

S. 2774 – the Pride in Patent Ownership Act, which is getting attached to the National Defense Authorization Act. (URGENT)
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S.4417 – the Patent Trial and Appeal Board Reform Act of 2022
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S.4734 – the Patent Eligibility Restoration Act of 2022
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Call Your Representative!The Patent Pride And Ownership Act (PPOA) is the most URGENT. We need your help in stopping this bill, which is being attached to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Representative Bill Posey is asking that the Patent Pride in Ownership Act does NOT become an amendment in the NDAA. If there is no opposition to this act, it WILL pass. We CAN NOT let this happen.

Please read this article by Paul Morinville to understand the critical nature of making sure this bill does not pass.: The Pride in Patent Ownership Act is Big Tech Boondoggling ( ).