(PORTFOLIO) Scott Was First In Social Networks…Before Google, Facebook, Yahoo, MySpace, Et al …

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Scott designed, engineered, built, ran on the internet, patented and delivered the exact thing that Google and Facebook, later, COPIED to make their companies… It is a “big deal” because they took billions of dollars out of Scott’s pocket.

California Secretary of State and other government records show that Scott’s social network, which Zuckerberg and Yahoo copied verbatim, was up and running on March 1, 1987. – FOUNDER: “TECHMATE” AND “UNIFREE” – THE FIRST WEB SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS.

Facebook, Yahoo, Google and other, later, social networks have spent millions of dollars to blockade Scott from getting a jury trial against them for tort-based interference, RICO, infringment, theft and other causes of action. They even went so far as to have big lawyers come to Scott and offer “to help him with his patent prodecutions”, when, in fact, those lawyers, covertly were actually working for Google and Facebook. Google even paid to get Google’s own lawyer made the boss of the U.S. Patent Office and Facebook paid to put Facebook’s lawyer on the United States Patent Office Board… Bribery and Conflict-of-Interest Quid-Pro-Quo?  … Looks like it!

It turned out that Scott’s own Senator’s, Congress-people and Governor OWN Facebook and Google!!!! This helped create THE AMERICAN STOCK ACT, now moving through Congress.

Scott Douglas Redmond delivered some of the first online digital social network companies before Facebook, Google, MySpace and other 2nd generation social networks even existed as companies. The U.S. Patent office ruled that he had produced social media e-commerce decades before Mark Zuckerberg or Yahoo engineers had. State, Federal, City and County filings prove Scott’s social media companies were first-on-the-web. Emails, contracts and NDA’s further verify that fact.