Larry Page, David Drummond and Eric Schmidt of Google Are Spending Billions Of Dollars To Bribe The Patent Office To Blockade Indie Inventors

- Why would they do this? Because Google stole most if it's technology and fears lawsuits from the inventors Google ripped off!

(EDITORIAL) What does exist is an "Eric-Schmidt-Does-Not-Want-To-Pay-His-Bills" issue. Eric Schmidt, and his crony's, have bribed vast numbers of Senators to talk up a "Patent Troll Crisis". There is no such thing. Eric Schmidt, and his Silicon Valley crony campaign funders like to steal ideas and products from American inventors and then not say where they got their ideas and not pay those inventors for their products.

Eric Schmidt, and his Silicon Valley frat house boys are the same ones you see in the news everyday involved in massive mysogyny, death-by-hookers, racism, escorts, good-ol-boy frat house scandals. They all came from Ivy League frat houses, they all only hire, or fund, good-ole-boys from the same group of frat houses. Their upbringing via the frat-house culture and lifestyle embeds an arrogance and superiority-complex in them that is nearly beyond comprehension to most people.

Because they can buy their way out of any federal crime penalty, and do, they believe they are untouchable. They are only smart with money, They are not smart with solving problems and creating innovation. They use the Indian workers for that and then ship them back to India before they can make trouble about ownership issues.

So they steal their ideas and "innovations" from others, make billions off of the ideas of others, and then try to create "Patent Troll" laws in order to blockade the actual creators of their wealth from having any part in the upside. How long do Eric Schmidt get to buy the White House, and Congress, and Internet Neutrality policy and whatever else they want so they can have more twisted control of our Country and it's (former) tradition of innovation?