Tag: America’s ‘Inventor Laureate’ Has Dedicated His Life To Innovative Problem-Solving


Patent-Awarded Seminal Inventor
Program Director
Congressional Advisor

America’s ‘Inventor Laureate’ Has Dedicated His Life To Innovative Problem-Solving


**** Producer of over 100 major public programs attended by millions of participants.

**** Decades of work with The White House, Congress, the Fortune 500 and major community agencies.

**** See the ‘Scott Movie’, below:


**** His world-wide teams of experts have been delivering seminal innovation solutions for decades.

****  His Social Causality Engineering projects have delivered top anticipated results.

**** See Scott’s technology in use by TOYOTA: (LINK)

**** Awarded dozens of ‘first-to-invent‘ issued United States federal patents on products and services in use by millions of people around the globe at NETFLIX, GOOGLE, HULU, FACEBOOK, BITORRENT, YOUTUBE, SONY PICTURES and others. Supporter of US INVENTOR organizations. FIRST TO LAUNCH COMPANIES BEFORE NETFLIX, GOOGLE, HULU, FACEBOOK, BITORRENT, YOUTUBE, SONY PICTURES that offered the same technologies and services that those companies offered.

**** Some of the most famous corporations and entities in the world, have cited Scott’s inventions, in their federal patent office submissions and filings, as the original inventions that they took their own ideas from for their products. Their federal records verify that Scott’s inventions were first, before their product ideas. Per www.uspto.gov, these include: Sony Pictures, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, Intel Corporation, Virtual I/O, Inc., International Business Machines Corporation – IBM, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Fujitsu Limited, Philips Electronics N.V, Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd, Vpl Research, Inc., Sony Corporation, General Electric Company, At&T Corporation, Medialab Services S.A., Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., The Procter & Gamble Company, Microsoft Corporation, Cisco Technology, Inc., Sony Uk Ltd, The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois, Sun Microsystems, Inc., California Institute Of Technology, Micron Technology, Inc., Sony Broadcast & Communication, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Rockwell Collins, Inc., Renault Visual, Google, Inc., YouTube, Inc., Alphabet, Inc., Yahoo, Inc., Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc., Lsa. Inc., Ford Motor Company, Nvidia, Inc., Xerox Corporation, Apple, Inc. and many more…

A number of these entities called us up, asked to look at our technologies, signed NDA’s yet copied our technologies, without paying, and made billions of dollars in profits. It costs over $3M in legal fees, up front, to sue each infringer. Since they each employ armies of deflection lawyers and years of delays ( Per www.usinventor.org ), it is sometimes easier to use Congressional and law enforcement RICO/anti-trust laws to put them out of business or gut their stock valuations. We have always made certain that the cost of the theft and harms is far greater than the small compensation that they owe us. It is always better for them to pay their bills than to rip us off.

Scott has dozens of issued patents on the products that Google, Facebook, Sony, Netflix, YouTube copied from him, after he launched companies offering those services 10 years earlier. Suing each one costs $1M+ in upfront legal fees, so it is easier and lower cost to simply put them out of business using corporate laws and Congressional investigations.

**** Commended in: Citizenship Awards; writing contest awards; Deans List; Robb Report; White House letters of commendation by Vice President Al Gore; Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)- “Scientists Helping America” Award; US Congress- Iraq War Bill, Commendation; US Dept. of Energy- Contract/grant to build America’s energy back-up plan; US Department of the Interior- Commendation; The National Association of Homebuilders; The Partnership For Technology In Housing; California State Assembly- Proclamation; Mayors of San Francisco- Multiple proclamations; 3D Design Magazine- National Big Kahuna Award for Producer/Director; A-List, Nob Hill Gazette and hundreds of letters of reference and commendation.

**** Designer, Product Architect, Engineer of over 150 working product prototypes and pre-factory first-ever product builds.

**** Advocate, advisor, promoter for the Congressional THE STOCK ACT, and THE AMERICAN JOBS ACT crowd-funding section.

**** His career reflects a lifelong mission to serve the community and build novel global solutions to common social problems. As a STRATEGIC INNOVATOR and NATIONAL PROGRAM DIRECTOR, almost all of his work has been public-service oriented.

Pulse Pack (TM)

**** He has over 150 inventions and trade secret product creations. He has dozens of federal United States Government issued patent awards, as first-to-invent, for creating products and services in use by populations around the globe. The United States Patent Office has ranked him with top honors as a seminal inventor and designer/engineer.



**** Scott has devoted his life to Public Service




**** Scott has developed, organized and produced a large number of first-of-their-kind software applications:


**** Scott invented, designed, built and received a suite of United States Federal patents on the first integrated virtual reality system. That system became known as “The Holodeck” on the Star Trek TV Show and “The Cave” at Silicon Graphics Company:



**** In another, huge, past project, to get average citizens onto this new thing called “the internet”, Scott designed, built, launched, patented and deployed the Internet’s first full-screen video and music on demand web network, for which he received written White House commendations, extensive seminal federal patent awards as “First-To-Invent” and the verification that Google copied his technology, business model and architecture for YouTube, which Scott had launched a decade earlier! As we all know, movies and music drew most of the mainstream global population to the web. History has proven that he started the ball rolling as the first to deliver global full-screen, high-definition, web broadcasting.

**** Who hasn’t wondered how satellites, in space, move through space when they need to change positions? The United States Patent Office, and public records, say one of Scott’s company’s did it first AND beat NASA, on-the-record, for the first-to-invent the technology. Now ASIC assembled ion thrusters are standard devices on spacecraft. Scott was the Founder of PFS Flight and the Lead for Promotional Rocketry at SPACE VECTOR Corporation with Mercury Astronaut Deke Slayton.

**** Who hasn’t ordered a high-definition movie on the internet, on-demand, and watched it in full-screen, full-color, on the web? The United States Patent Office, and public records, say one of Scott’s company’s did it first!

**** Who hasn’t enjoyed social networking on the web. The United States Patent Office, and public records, say one of Plaintiff’s company’s did it first and the USPTO hearing that occurred said that Plaintiff did it BEFORE Zuckerberg or Yahoo engineers had thought of it!

**** Who hasn’t experienced immersive virtual reality in a fantastic synthetic computerized world. The United States Patent Office and public records say one of Scott’s company’s did it first!

**** Who has hasn’t dreamed of an electric car that can solve all of America’s energy problems, gets all of it’s fuel from clean sources INSIDE of America, is the safest car ever made, is affordable to the average person and relies on no foreign sourcing? The United States Patent Office and public records say one of Scott’s company’s did it first! …To further verify the assertion: Scott was awarded nearly a billion dollars of issued patents in commendation for his role as the seminal inventor by the United States Patent Office …Congress awarded Scott a Congressional award for his energy technology in The Iraq War Bill …AND The United States Government contracted Scott’s company to build it…..

**** Scott’s patented electric car technology solved the biggest problems with electric cars. Anybody who has ever rented an electric car for a four day trip knows that you have to spend more time charging it than you do sleeping. Nobody that lives in apartments can get one because they have no home charging. Scott’s 5 second hot swap cassettes eliminates those issues for hundreds of millions of people.

**** Scott has always given a percentage of his time and resources to charity and community service annually. He supports many different community service groups, concurrently, in the areas of digital human rights, medical research, education, anti-corruption and animal rescue centers. Scott is a huge advocate for animal support centers. He encourages everyone to donate to their local animal rescue center.

**** Congress awarded him a multi-million dollar Congressional citation (listed in the Congressional FEDERAL REGISTER) to build America’s next solution for a major national next-generation energy program. He and his team completed the project on budget and on time.

**** You will certainly have heard of the projects he has worked on, but he tends to stay behind-the-scenes and avoids any social media presence. He has built well known items featured in famous feature films and TV series. His first-of-their-kind projects have been in many magazine articles. Scott Douglas Redmond has produced some of the largest public events, including The 200,000 person Bay To Breaker’s Footstock Concerts, network TV showcase home building projects, the LIGHTS Lumiascapes projects viewed by millions, the logistics direction for the San Francisco Blues Festival (produced in cooperation with The National Park Service), the build-out of Fort Mason Center for public events and more…

**** He has hundreds of letters of reference and commendation from well known media, political and tech personalities.

**** He is inventor-of-record on the many seminal issued federal patents he holds. Sony Pictures mentions him and his team by name in their patents which were sold to AT&T/DirecTV. Billions of people use technologies that the federal patent office has certified he invented before anyone else did.

**** He reports, as a bi-partisan adviser, to the United States Congress, the European Union and other federal agencies on tech, security, anti-trust law and anti-corruption law. He developed a key AI-based open-source political bribery interdiction system which has had a tremendous success rate.

**** Bill Gates, The White House and Facebook have poached his top staff from his start-ups, so there is reason to think his project teams are potent. He has won multiple national industry awards.

**** He has created, launched and sold multiple start-up companies. Among some of his ventures: he built an off-grid, high tech ‘Glamper’ RV system that used the same insulation as that used by the International Space Station. He produced two famous national demonstration homes that were on reality TV shows and he is often involved in modern building projects designed to end America’s housing crisis. He built a massive digital peer-to-peer mesh networked global open-source public news network and encourages everyone to build their own news site.

**** He built the first disaster recovery mobile App technologies for the Japanese Tsunami disaster efforts and Steve Jobs personally helped the project. He also built the San Francisco rapid-response trauma center for the Loma Prieta Earthquake. A recent federal hearing at the U.S. Patent Office confirmed the fact that he built the first online social network before Yahoo or Mark Zuckerberg did. He was the first person to fire lasers between the hillsides of San Francisco and write, in laser light, on the mountain in the middle of San Francisco.


(3) https://scottredmond.us/wp-content/uploads/LIGHT1/

(4) https://scottredmond.us/wp-content/uploads/LIGHT2/



**** Scott has been recognized by the U.S. Government via patent awards and verification records recorded by the United States Patent Office as the inventor-of-record and the first-to-deploy many globally used technologies including:

**** PATENTED: Peer To Peer Mesh Internet Video, Audio Mesh Internet Data Distribution known as “torrents’ and “gnutella files” including the system and methods for providing load balanced secure media content and data delivery in a distributed internet environment. This pre-dated BittorrentNetflixVudu, etc.

**** PATENTED: Electric Vehicle Energy Production, Storage & Distribution including organic fuel storage, distribution, and recovery system using any of thousands of organic compounds in an instant-recharge hot-swap energy cassette configuration.

**** PATENTED: Electric Vehicle Systems With Hot-Swap, Instant Recharge, Low Costs & High Safety including a complete, easy to build, vehicle system.

**** PATENTED: Electronic Propulsion Technology Using Broadcast Energy Power Source and Micro Thruster Design including an electronic flight propulsion system using ion discharge and broadcast power long term flight system.

**** PATENTED: Internet Video On Demand System For Web Commerce Using Media Data including the system and method for providing information dispersal in a networked computing environment. This predated NetflixHuluAmazonAkamai, etc.

**** PATENTED: The Design For Touch-Screen phone and MP3 Player including the wireless media access and storage apparatus in advance of any previous touch-screen smart phones or MP3 players. Associated with filed utility patent on complete mobile advertising and commerce system. This pre-dated the iPhone.

**** PATENTED: Virtual Reality System With Headsets, 3D Surfaces and Walk-In Chambers including the methods and apparatus for generating and processing VR using the first documented “Holodeck” or “Cave” systems.

**** PATENTED: Social Media Interaction For Electronic Devices including the methods and apparatus for interacting with others over a network for social engagement and commerce. This predated Facebook, Google and Yahoo and other online social media and free-services-based search engines.

**** And many other inventions. This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as well as trade secrets inventions.