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“…he has spent decades proving that nothing is “impossible” and that you are “only limited by your imagination”. Over the course of his work, he has assembled a global force of some of the world’s top engineering, science, physics, programming, operations and logistics experts. They are the top go-to Team for ‘mission impossible’ tasks. He, and his peers, can respond instantly for disaster relief, market shifts and new global solutions demands with the most productive efforts you have ever seen…”

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What is “invention“?

“We can’t get “there” if we don’t make the journey. There are always critical learnings along the way. If you never begin the creation journey, you’ll never finish it. “Luck” is actually when preparation meets with a solution opportunity. Computer simulations are wrong most of the time so just build it, see how it works in the real world, and constantly tune and improve it as you use it. THEN you have an invention! When the big tech gorilla’s steal it, use invention, again, to punish the thieves creatively. “Magic” is the spark that is ignited when imagination and skill combine to create a new dream. Magic is real, it is tangible and it is powered by the quantum energy of the mind…”

Key Skills:

Solving global challenges with novel new innovations and conceptual-blockbusting program management. He has received government and industry awards, commendations, issued federal patents and industry acclaim for his networking, transportation, housing, medical, communications, energy and other technologies that he invented, built and marketed globally. Applicant led product design, engineering and product development on major market launches for top product designs in automotive, defense, energy, aerospace, media, telecoms and more. Applicant has donated a portion of his resources to charity and community service each year as Producer and Logistics Coordinator for many major community service projects. Applicant has written numerous articles, books and white papers.



As a STRATEGIC INNOVATOR He has delivered federal patent-awarded invention and design engineering for global product solutions targeting broad-demographic world needs. Patented inventions that he first created are in use globally by millions of consumers. Over 150 inventions showcase his innovation and problem-solving skills. His invention highlights include: – Inventor Of The First Virtual Reality Integrated Product – U.S. Patent Office Verified ; – Inventor Of The First Global Web-Based TV Network – U.S. Patent Office Verified; – Producer/Inventor Of The First, And Largest, Multi-Million Viewer Interactive Urban Light Concert; – Award Winning Federally-Verified Seminal Inventor Of Products In Use By Millions; – Producer/Inventor/Awardee Congressional Grant To Build America’s Back-Up Energy System; – Inventor/Builder Of The First 360 Degree Rotational PC- Based Flight Simulator and more…

As a CEO AND NATIONAL PROGRAM DIRECTOR, He has run operations and production management for large-format projects, productions and development efforts. Management highlights include: – Millions Of People Have Experienced Programs Managed And/or Developed By He; – Producer Of Hundreds Of Events/Programs For Fortune 500/Government 50 Clients/Employers; – He Has Developed A Core Team Of Hundreds Of Experts Over Decades Of Programs; – Producer Of Annual Record-Breaking Public Urban Events; – Producer Of National Industrial Technology Demonstration Programs; – Producer/Creator – National Efficient Construction Home Building Demo Project; – Reality TV Show Subject: Discovery Home Channel Series On Modern Home Technologies and more…

As a COMMUNITY PROGRAMS SPECIALIST and INVESTIGATIVE RESEARCHER, He’s research and development for national public policy program management and community service organizations has received many awards and commendations. He has supported vast numbers of community services programs and public-interest efforts for many decades. Highlights include: – Producer Of Multiple Federal Public Service Laws And Legal Precedents; – Promoter Of The Signed “Federal Jobs Act” And Crowd-Funding SEC Approvals; – Producer of “Democri-C”, First Ever, P2P Disaster Recovery App; – Developer Of The First AI-Based Anti-Corruption Research Software App; – Producer/Plaintiff For Record-Breaking Public Interest Tort And Class-Action Cases; – High Profile Law Enforcement Cases; – Congressional Advisor For Energy, Housing, Telecommunications And Ethics Policy and more…

He has designed, built and deployed hundreds of working prototypes and reference designs of his inventions, for his clients and employers



HIGHLIGHT: He helped develop the first video-on-demand technology for Sony Pictures.

HIGHLIGHT: Congress awarded him a multi-million dollar Congressional citation (listed in the Congressional FEDERAL REGISTER) to build America’s next solution for a major national next-generation energy program. He is the inventor of the first known federally financed electric car battery-swapping technologies. The patented technology allows any consumer to recharge their electric car in less than a minute! The United States Government financed, patent-awarded, and Congressionally-commended his fully functional prototype appliance which fueled the Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, Honda, Toyota, Kia, and other electric cars, with simple tap water and household organic waste which was efficiently converted to useful energy material. Some special interests did not want that technology to EVER reach the market and went to great lengths to stop it.

HIGHLIGHT: His projects have been featured in major news articles:











He has been recognized by the U.S. Government via patent awards and verification records recorded by the United States Patent Office as the inventor-of-record and the first-to-deploy many globally used technologies including:


AWARDED ISSUED FEDERAL PATENTS: Peer To Peer Mesh Internet Video, Audio Mesh Internet Data Distribution known as “torrents” and “gnutella files” including the system and methods for providing load balanced secure media content and data delivery in a distributed internet environment. This is now, also the basis for BLOCKCHAIN financial payments systems. This pre-dated Bittorrent, Netflix, Vudu, etc.




AWARDED ISSUED FEDERAL PATENTS: Electric Vehicle Energy Production, Storage & Distribution including organic fuel storage, distribution, and recovery system using any of thousands of organic compounds in an instant-recharge hot-swap energy cassette configuration.



AWARDED ISSUED FEDERAL PATENTS: Electric Vehicle Systems With Hot-Swap, Instant Recharge, Low Costs & High Safety including a complete, easy to build, vehicle system.


AWARDED ISSUED FEDERAL PATENTS: Electronic Propulsion Technology Using Broadcast Energy Power Source and Micro Thruster Design including an electronic flight propulsion system using ion discharge and broadcast power long term flight system. He’s U.S. Government issued ion drive massed micro-thruster patent has now been validated and proven by every major aerospace lab. READ MORE: ION_DRIVE_PATENT_3



AWARDED ISSUED FEDERAL PATENTS: Internet Video On Demand System For Web Commerce Using Media Data including the system and method for providing information dispersal in a networked computing environment. This predated Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Akamai, etc.



AWARDED ISSUED FEDERAL PATENTS: The Design For Touch-Screen phone and MP3 Player including the wireless media access and storage apparatus in advance of any previous touch-screen smart phones or MP3 players. Associated with filed utility patent on complete mobile advertising and commerce system. This pre-dated the iPhone.




AWARDED ISSUED FEDERAL PATENTS: Inventor of Social Media Commerce; in a case against Mark Zuckerberg. The United States Patent Office held a federal hearing at their headquarters office in order to resolve a dispute over “who invented and created social media and the business model transactions for it”: Zuckerberg or He or Yahoo. The United States Patent Office determined that He had done it years before Facebook or Yahoo.



AWARDED ISSUED FEDERAL PATENTS: Virtual Reality System With Headsets, 3D Surfaces and Walk-In Chambers including the methods and apparatus for generating and processing VR using the first documented “Holodeck” or “Cave” systems.



AWARDED ISSUED FEDERAL PATENTS: Social Media Interaction For Electronic Devices including the methods and apparatus for interacting with others over a network for social engagement and commerce. This predated Facebook, Google and Yahoo and other online social media and free-services-based search engines.



He filed and built the first known U.S. patent and working prototype for the use of a smartphone or iPhone as the display and position tracker for a VR display headset.


He authored, engineered and filed over 40 construction technology inventions and business models, including software, for a major building program.



And many other patented inventions, in use today around the world, mostly by main-stream consumers…

See more about the Silicon Valley oligarch’s war on inventors at:




HIGHLIGHT: Decades of 60 hour weeks, novel innovation and incredible problem-solving challenges for top employers and contractors globally. He has designed, built and deployed hundreds of working prototypes and reference designs of his inventions, for his clients and employers.

HIGHLIGHT: Affiliated with several professional organizations reflecting a broad range of expertise. Key memberships have included: National Computer Graphics Association; Society for Information Display; Optical Society of America; American Society for Industrial Security; American Institute of Physics; Illuminating Engineering Society of North America; American Film Institute; Association for Computing Machinery – SIGGRAPH/SIGCHI; International Society for Arts, Science and Technology; Society for Manufacturing Engineers; American Society for Testing Materials, International Themed Entertainment Association; International Interactive Communications Society; Media Communications Association; National Computer Graphics Association; Association Internationale du Film D`Animation; Washington Research Institute; National Association of Exhibit Manager, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Fort Mason Foundation; State of California-Dept. of Consumer Affairs; High Power Laser Systems – USDA; San Francisco Symphony Foundation; and many more…

HIGHLIGHT: Employed By The U.S. Government, Corporate Development Offices, Family Funds, Community Organizations, Venture Funds including: ABC-TV, Autodesk, Dickens Faire, Edison Brothers, FOX, American Institute of Architects, KCRA TV, MCI Telecommunications, RCA Records, Warner Brothers, Amfac, Inc., AT&T, Bank of America, BMW, Citicorp, Coca Cola USA, Eastman Kodak, Genentech, Holiday Inn, Hyatt International, IBM, Kodak, Liberty House, Lyon’s Restaurants, Macy’s, Marriott Corporation, Miller Brewing, Pactel, Pepsi Cola, Ramada Corporation, Samsung, San Francisco Examiner Charities, Security Pacific Bank, Signetics, Spumoni, United Bank, US Sprint, CAE, City of San Francisco, Eidetics, Fort Mason Center, H.R.M. Queen Elizabeth II, JPL, National Park Service, Port of San Francisco, Sonoma County Board of Education, United States Department of Energy, United States Department of the Army, March of Dimes, Oakland Symphony, Palo Alto Medical, Planetree, University of California, San Francisco Blues Festival, Examiner Bay To Breakers, Literate Nation and others…

HIGHLIGHT: To get all of the public onto “the internet”, he designed, built, launched, patented and deployed the Internet’s first full-screen video and music on-demand world-wide full-screen broadcasting network. For this he received written White House commendations, extensive seminal federal patent awards as “First-To-Invent” and the verification that Google copied his technology, business model and architecture to build YouTube! As we all know, movies and music drew most of the main-stream global population to the web. Federal records, emails, NDA’s, contracts, State records, and other evidence, has proven that he started the ball rolling as the first to deliver global web broadcasting in full-screen, full-color HD on home computers and PDA’s.

HIGHLIGHT: In the 1970’s he began a peer-to-peer community cooperative development group called “Production Works”. At the end of the 70’s the City of San Francisco was giving them entire mountain tops to operate projects on and the largest open-space areas in the region had already had massive undertakings produced on them by Applicant and his team. His work with the Bay Area Cooperative projects: “The Farm” and “The Well” expanded that workforce. His global Atelier of thousands of engineers, designers, programmers, operatives, technicians and specialists can come together, “Mission Impossible”-style, to handle any challenge that they are assigned. They often engage in altruistic efforts purely for community service.

HIGHLIGHT: Congress awarded him a multi-million dollar Congressional citation (listed in the Congressional FEDERAL REGISTER) to build America’s next solution for a major national next-generation energy program. His projects have been featured in major news articles around the globe.

HIGHLIGHT: He has produced some of the largest public events, including The massive Bay To Breaker’s Footstock Concerts, network TV showcase home building projects, the Lights project viewed by millions, the logistics for the San Francisco Blues Festival (produced in co-operation with The National Park Service), the build-out of Fort Mason Center for public events and more… He has hundreds of letters of reference and commendation from well known media, political and tech personalities.

HIGHLIGHT: Among some of his past ventures are: an off-grid, high tech recreational vehicle system that used the same insulation as that used by the International Space Station; Two famous national demonstration homes that were on reality TV shows; A massive digital peer-to-peer mesh networked global open-source public news network;The first disaster recovery mobile App technologies for the Japanese Tsunami disaster efforts that Steve Jobs personally helped with.

HIGHLIGHT: At a federal hearing at the U.S. Patent Office, federal executives confirmed the fact that he built the first online social network before Yahoo or Mark Zuckerberg did.

HIGHLIGHT: He is inventor-of-record on the many seminal issued federal patents he holds. Sony Pictures mentions him and his team by name in their patents which were sold to AT&T/DirecTV. Billions of people use technologies that the federal patent office has certified he invented before anyone else did. Applicant’s clients, employers and (alas), competitors have made billions of dollars in profits off technologies and companies that Applicant first created before any other party in the industry. The United States Patent And Trademark Office, and multiple other state and federal agencies, have certified that Applicant invented, designed, built and operated companies and products which GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, SONY and FACEBOOK copied after gathering illicit industrial intelligence on those companies and technologies via ‘nefarious means’. Three of those competitors did not even exist when Applicant’s companies were ALREADY doing everything that Google, Youtube and Facebook based the launch of their companies on. Applicant’s investors have launched federal investigations on those competitors who chose to “cheat rather than compete” per http://www.usinventor.org

HIGHLIGHT: He reports, as a bi-partisan adviser, to the United States Congress, the European Union, the FTC and other federal agencies on tech, security, anti-trust law and anti-corruption law.



Producer/Creator: record-breaking urban illumination mega presentations and lighting director/ designer for large architectural illuminations. Details: Applicant Produced a large number of major urban electro-optical programs for millions of live and webcast participants. These programs set many event and technical records for “firsts”. Applicant directed, designed, developed and engineered these presentations. His ‘LUMIASCAPE’ series of major public light-events set numerous records for “firsts” and scale-of-deployment. His light events included lasers, pyrotechnics and custom-built searchlight and xenon systems. He received one of the first public laser licenses from the FDA and was the first person to ever write on the mountain, known as Twin Peaks, with a laser beam. He was the Laserist for the San Francisco Symphony Pops Concerts and was conducted by John Williams for the Star Wars concert. One New Year’s eve he lit City Hall red and fired beam projectors from the apex. Applicant installed the first indoor use of five foot carbon arc World War 2 searchlights for a display inside the San Francisco Cow Palace. He was the first person to light Coit Tower with xenon searchlights. He produced the lighting of the Palace of Fine Arts that convinced the City of San Francisco to make the lighting a permanent feature of that historical architectural wonder. He provided solid lighting effects for a number of stage shows. His productions included: LIGHTS; The Royal Fireworks For Queen Elizabeth, The Palace Of Fine Arts Lighting; The Cow Palace Stage Extravaganza and more…

Awardee: Congressional commendation – Iraq war bill; designer – architect: novel alternative vehicle designs. Details: Vehicle systems, energy production and storage technologies created by Applicant. ( energy program. ) Applicant won numerous federal patent awards, Congressional awards, innovation awards, federal grants and broke energy storage records. Applicant’s projects have rebuilt or ground-up constructed numerous vehicles. He was awarded the seminal patents for solid-state fuel cell energy storage and distribution for Honda, Toyota, KIA and BMW fuel cell cars. He was awarded Congressional funding in the Iraq War Bill to help build America’s next-generation energy system. Applicant’s vehicles had the highest calculated fuel efficiency in the world, the lowest cost-to- manufacture, the lowest selling price, the most attractive debt-ratio, the highest safety factor, the most hires of laid off Detroit factory workers and executives and the biggest volume of sales order requests! His vehicle and energy companies were financed by himself, the federal government, Autodesk and other major partners. Government labs evaluated Applicant’s technologies and wrote technical white papers confirming that they beat all other alternative energy storage technologies on over 50 metric comparisons. Applicant and his Team designed and built numerous pressure-membrane air structures for aerospace and vehicular uses…

Producer: major annual concerts and outdoor festivals. Details: Applicant Produced One of Ray Charles Last Outdoor Concerts. It was presented for 200,000+ live audience members in the San Francisco Polo Fields. Applicant also Produced the Concerts-In-The-Park series in Golden Gate Park, Sutro Park, Union Square and public spaces around the Bay Area. Applicant was mentored by Chet Helms, Don Wehr, David Rubinson, Henry Dakin and other local impresarios. From Country Joe to Tower Of Power to The Flying Karamazov’s…His events covered every musical interest. Applicant was Chet Helms Exhibit Manager for the Monterey Tribal Stomp. He was production Designer for the Symphony At The Port event…

Inventor: hundreds of novel proprietary products and services. Awardee: seminal issued united states federal patents. Details: Applicant and his Team produced, developed, and/or engineered and delivered fully functional software that was first-to-market and first-of-its-kind in media, video-on-demand, VR, IT, P2P, Aerospace, Telecom, medical and other industries. Applicant has won numerous federal patent awards, Congressional awards, innovation awards, federal grants, commendations and has received hundreds of letters of references from top policy leaders, corporate executives, past clients and employers. A “patent” is a filing of a claim with the U.S. Government. You 1.) file a notice that you have invented something. Then 2.)the U.S. Government files a notice back to you saying “nope, no you didn’t, prove it…3.)” Then you file things that prove that you were the first, original, inventor of that thing. 4.) Then the U.S. Government uses it’s entire compliment of investigation and research tools to confirm if you were really the inventor. You can’t just “pay some money and get a patent”. In those rare cases when 5.) the U.S. Government awards you a patent, it means that the entire U.S. Government has decided to stand behind you and say: “Yep, we checked it out, this guy really is the one who invented this thing!”. Getting a patent is a big deal because it means that years of federal investigation has confirmed that you really were the one who created that thing…

Specialist researcher: federal law enforcement/FTC,GAO, IG advisor. Winner: world’s first federal anti-corruption tort judgment in Washington DC court. Details: Applicant is a credentialed law enforcement and IC expert witness and forensics researcher. He holds dozens of certifications and organization verification’s in the field. He has helped create federal laws, The “USA JOBS ACT”, legal precedents and produced software-based anti-corruption technologies. He is the author of many reports including:

Art director for visualization phase of many projects. Details: Applicant was the Artistic Director For hundreds of projects. He created and over-the-shoulder directed visualization artists from Disney, LucasFilm, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and other graphics arts leaders to show his concept ideas for future deliverables. Applicant has produced original art for many of his projects in order to help clients and employers visualize the intent for the finished creation. He won national awards for the first 3D ride-film produced entirely on PC’s and other productions…

Producer: 200,000+ annual person annual mega event series. Details: Applicant was the Founding Producer For The Bay To Breaker Footstock festivals and concerts. Footstock was a 200,000+ person rapid-built city, concert and public event like Woodstock. Applicant produced it for over a decade on 2.5 million square feet of space in San Francisco and many other leading major events…

Producer – Organizer: rapid deployment disaster relief programs. Details: Applicant was tasked, by The City Of San Francisco, with building the post-quake trauma center within 24 hours of the primary shock of the Loma Prieta Earthquake. The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake occurred on California’s Central Coast on October 17 at 5:04 p.m. local time. With an Mw magnitude of 6.9[10] and a maximum Modified Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent), the shock was responsible for 63 deaths and 3,757 injuries. Applicant was required to “break in” to the closed KQED TV studios at midnight, with help from KQED engineers, activate the entire phone bank inside the studios and staff the phones with qualified counselors on an emergency basis. The Loma Prieta segment of the San Andreas Fault System had been relatively inactive since the 1906 San Francisco earthquake (to the degree that it was designated a seismic gap) until two moderate foreshocks occurred in June 1988 and again in August 1989.Because it happened during a national live broadcast of the 1989 World Series, taking place between Bay Area teams San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics, it is sometimes referred to as the “World Series earthquake”. Rush-hour traffic on the Bay Area freeways was lighter than normal because the game, being played at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, was about to begin, and this may have prevented a larger loss of life, as several of the Bay Area’s major transportation structures suffered catastrophic failures. The collapse of a section of the double-deck Nimitz Freeway in Oakland was the site of the largest number of casualties for the event, but the collapse of man-made structures and other related accidents contributed to casualties occurring in San Francisco, Los Altos, and Santa Cruz. Applicant has donated a portion of his resources to charity and community service each year as Producer and Logistics Coordinator for many major community service projects. Applicant is a credentialed and trained Crisis Intervention Counselor…

Founder: the first web social media networks before Facebook or Myspace even existed. Details: Applicant delivered some of the first online digital social network companies before Facebook, Google, MySpace and other 2nd generation social networks even existed as companies. The U.S. Patent office ruled that he had produced social media e-commerce decades before Mark Zuckerberg or Yahoo engineers had. State, Federal, City and County filings prove Applicant’s social media companies were first-on-the-web. Emails, contracts and NDA’s further verify that fact…

Producer: Fort Mason Center major events conversion from military waste site. Coordinator: development and first major program inception. Details: Applicant helped coordinate the conversion of Fort Mason Center from a WW2 dump to one of the leading public spaces in the nation. Applicant’s events broke attendance records, use statistics and “first-ever” records under Applicant’s producership. He ran operations for “THE WORLD’S LARGEST INDOOR GARAGE SALE”, at Fort Mason, which broke attendance records and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity in 48 hours. He ran support operations for the multi-million dollar Coca Cola “GREAT GET-TOGETHER” corporate super party, which also set records. Applicant created the shuttle parking system between Fort Mason and the Presidio…

Producer: major corporate visual marketing programs for mass out-reach. Details: Applicant was Creative Director and Operations Lead on numerous large public promotions which delivered huge media coverage for his clients. He created and produced the world’s largest balloon sculpture on top of the Hyatt Regency as a promotion for the San Francisco Symphony, called: “American Cloud”. He wrapped a number of skyscrapers with massive ribbons and bows, or fabric sculptures, for building openings. He created an indoor snow storm inside the Crocker Galleria with R2D2 as the Master of Ceremonies. He created the first through-the-roof opening effects for San Francisco Center and the historic Paramount Theater. He designed the dragon sculpture unit that wrapped around the central pillar in Union Square. The City Hall tribute to Charlotte Maillard was co-produced by Applicant. Applicant Produced the racing shoes and costume for Margie the elephant (who played the “Bantha” in Star Wars) to run in the Bay To Breakers race; The Congressmen Burton Memorial Statue event; The Battlestar Galactica premiere, The Showplace Square Galleria Musical with the stars of Beach Blanket Babylon event; The San Jose Earthquakes openers; AT&T events; The U.S. Post Office Golden Gate Bridge Anniversary Event and more. Applicant was one of the promotional graphics coordinators for Olympic-type events, including the World Cycling events, and major media launches including the creation of novel new media technologies. He invented “Tentographics” tent art for the Genentech Gala and created and produced many large-scale graphics systems for massed audience visibility. Applicant Provided The Special Effects For Grace Slick’s Album Cover…


Founder: the first global web video-on-demand broadcasting service; the first online movie trailer website; the first online public upload movie website before Youtube existed. Details: Before YouTube, Hulu, Vudu, Netflix Streaming, Sony VUE, Napster, Bittorrent or Kontiki existed, Applicant had already delivered Clickmovie.com. Clickmovie did everything that those later competitors did before any of them even existed. Applicant received multiple US patents confirming him as first-to-invent and deliver web video-on-demand. Applicant designed, built and patented some of the first video-on-demand hardware devices. He was the first person to present internet video-on-demand to a full Sony Pictures international Board Meeting and his work-group is featured in Sony Pictures patent filings. Applicant’s patent filings and NDA’s show that he designed, engineered, patent filed and produced the touch-screen, MP3 cell phone before Steve Jobs and Apple did and before any internal communications at Apple discuss the “iPhone”. The patent office has credited Applicant as the first to invent chunks/torrents/bits as a web media broadcast method. Applicant designed, built and patented some of the first video-on-demand hardware devices…

Awardee: the national award for 3D video as producer/director. Details: Applicant was the Producer, Director, Author of the award-winning film that was the first 3D VR theme park ride film produced entirely on PC computers instead of Linux workstations…

Logistics Director: annual festival co-sponsored by the National Park Service. Details: Applicant was the Logistics Director for over a decade with the SF Blues Festival. It was one of the National Park Service’s longest running public heritage events and featured the world’s most renown performers.

Coordination Producer: The Great Gaming House community program. Details: Applicant Production Coordinated THE GREAT GAMING HOUSE project created by Kelly Yeaton, The founder of Arena Theater in America. This project deployed the simultaneous operation of nearly 100 concurrent mini-theaters, inside a massive space, which walked you through the Game Of Life. Multiple theater companies worked together to realize this complex theatrical event…

Producer: the first vr glasses-format head mounted display sold in commerce; producer and patent awardee: first patented, working, ‘Holodeck/cave’ vr chamber; producer: the first 360 degree pc-based national sports stadium tour showcase. Details: VR and Experience Simulator Inventions By Applicant D Applicant. Applicant is the Developer, Patent Winner, Producer and Innovator for key VR, tactical and flight simulator industry “firsts” including the “Holodeck” (Also known as “The Cave”) VR Chamber”, VR Glasses wearables decades before Google Glass was even conceived of, CyberChair (used in the national Merrill Lynch TV commercial), the “First VRML” software and web browser under Windows, and Tactile VR Surfaces. Applicant received significant media coverage about his many inventions in this field. He was featured on E! Entertainment Network for advising the Oliver Stone TV Series: “Wild Palms” and for building and receiving the first U.S. Federal patents on the first working VR Cave and VR Holodeck walk-in synthetic reality chambers as seen on major TV shows. His “Cyber-Pod” was the world’s first 360 degree rotation, all-axis, spinning human gyro device for total VR immersion working in a public venue. It was also the first to be entirely PC powered and rendered. His devices are used globally in military, medical, CAD, entertainment and design fields. Applicant also produced the first VR Bunji Jump experience where his team helicopter high-resolution photographed the Grand Canyon for a virtual Bunji Jump from the rim to the Colorado River below. His VR rides were experienced nationwide in major sports stadiums and other venues. Applicant was a business partner with Silicon Graphics…

Producer-Creator: National home-building tech demo home program. Details: Applicant was Creative Director and Founder of THE NOWHOUSE at The San Francisco Giants Stadium. Applicant has led numerous novel construction projects, Presented LIVE and nationally via CNET and the NAHB, millions of people learned about the latest construction technologies with this Smart Home program which was donated to the City of San Francisco and moved by barge to become a permanent community center. Applicant’s project was the inspiration for the Better Homes & Gardens TV series, which also featured Applicant. Applicant has produced numerous construction showcase homes and building efforts. He donated technologies from this effort to the Tsunami Recovery effort for Japan. THE NOWHOUSE was a multi-thousand square foot, 2-story, modern, high-tech demo home valued at $3 million+ (San Francisco Market Rate) donated to Gavin Newsom and The City Of San Francisco by Applicant and his Team. Applicant has produced multiple high-tech demonstration home projects for public and industry showcases…

Designer – Architect – Engineer: Aerospace deployment systems. Details: Applicant has developed and worked on numerous aerospace deployment and launch systems including: EARTHSTAR. EARTHSTAR was the first orbital visual communications and promotional satellite designed to be Earth-visible to the ordinary person and then burn up in an atmospheric fireworks show. A massive mylar inflatable was designed using old military rockets for boost. The launch company launched America’s first private commercial rocket. Applicant has launched numerous balloons to near-space and designed a MARS landing system for the first MARS Lander. NASA first rejected his airbag landing system for being ‘too exotic’ but, later, NASA discovered that the airbag landing system was the only one that worked. The airbags were, indeed, the system that finally delivered the first lander to MARS. Applicant also won federal patents over NASA’s earlier patents, for electronic ion propulsion technology…



Our team and peers are always interested in receiving proposals from law firms who may wish to invest litigation and forensic resources to help recover damages as well as Anti-trust law and RICO law violation profit loss garnish against competitors who chose to “cheat rather than compete”.
Any law firm with Fortune 500 jury trial litigation experience is welcome to discuss an engagement. We are ready-and-able to go up against Google, Facebook, Sony Pictures, et al, in an equal resourced jury trial to prove that they stole our technology.


What did his employers and clients say about his work?:

(Original letters on file)

“Everything was just terrific. Needless to say, without your help we wouldn’t have had an event at all. My sincere thanks for a great job.”
– The Public Relations Bank

“…highly motivated, extremely cost conscious, efficient and …pleasant …I commend …the excellent work …done for the National Park Service and recommend …”
– General Superintendent, United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service

“You have accomplished something incredible…”
– NPR Radio Interview

“Thanks again for your valuable participation in our Lasers for Live Performance workshop. Your insights truly rounded out the program and gave our members interested in management and design another perspective on which to base their performance decisions.”
– Northern California Association for Theater Techniques

“Well planned and coordinated … cooperative and highly reliable. …met every condition imposed by the city agencies and delivered … exactly as planned.”
– Recreation and Park Department, City and County of San Francisco

“Please be assured that your views will be considered fully as I work with the President on this (electronic superhighways) issue.”
– Vice President Al Gore on White House letterhead

“As Mayor of San Francisco, I am pleased to have this opportunity to acknowledge the artistic efforts …, and to congratulate …”
– Mayor, San Francisco, City Hall Proclamation

“It was a pleasure working with you.. You knew exactly what had to be done…and you did it. Your work crew was marvelous too…from all of us, our sincere appreciation for all of your hard work.”
– KNBR Radio

“I can’t recall when I’ve had such good support by anyone as I did through your efforts for us every day and night of our extremely demanding production schedule…The film we’re now editing for our May broadcast is everything I’d hoped it would be.”
– DIRECTIONS TV series, ABC Television Network

“…creative, dedicated and has pride in …ventures. …would do …utmost to produce future events of even greater proportions and do them well.”
– American Zoetrope

“It is always difficult to express hard work, hours and hours of exhaustive work, aching backs, in one letter. KYA Radio wishes to express their gratitude for your work, and your efforts that surpassed excellence.”
– KYA Radio

“I think it’s fantastic how you are able to pull off things that the rest of us could only dream of doing.”
– Hyatt Regency

“Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for all your help… It was a pleasure to work with you.”
– American Fairs Inc.

“I particularly appreciate your sticking to the time schedule and staying within the budget.”
– K-101 Radio

“We are very appreciative for the excellent job you performed as show coordinator and for your technical assistance.”

“We are particularly pleased with his ability to draw together diverse elements of this City’s many communities including public officials and neighborhood associations.”
– Fort Mason Foundation

“Just to let you know-I’m ecstatic that I discovered your existence.”
– Serramonte Center – Promotional Office

“I just wanted to officially thank you and tell you how nice its been to work with you.”
– San Francisco Giants

“Your expertise in production and your ability to foresee many of the potential problems helped us to avoid any unpleasant situations. We want to let you know that everyone commented on what a pleasure it was to work with you.”
– Planetree Health Resource Center

“It is always refreshing to be exposed to real talent and imagination. It is even more rewarding to be able to utilize this resource.”
– AT&T Network Systems

“You and your team are terrific. We are proud of the results of your efforts and thank you for your dependability and know-how.”
– Ramada Renaissance

“God bless you, and God bless America.”
– President, United States of America

“Many thanks for all the energy, time and sheer hard work …put into the visit…of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”
– Protocol Office, City Hall, San Francisco

“I found your sketches very interesting..”
– Project Director, NASA Manned Spacecraft Center, Mars Landing Module System

“Just a note to “Thank You” for the magical effects you and your staff created…you were probably too busy to take notice of the “ooh’s” and “ah’s” from below!”
– CH Associates

“San Francisco values greatly your record of many contributions to the public expressions of our vitality and our sense of fun, as well as the highly organized skills and creative techniques you have developed…”
– Mayor, San Francisco

“We are receiving letters from schools and letters from the teachers and community expressing the delight…”
– Sonoma County Office of Education

“You really outdid yourself and made this the greatest…ever
– YTL Associates

“..my congratulations…He can rest assured that all his hard work was evident in the finished product.”
– City Sports

“This is a belated but enthusiastic “thank you”.”

“Your promotional materials describe (you) as the “link between the possible and the impossible”…I must say, you do live up to your reputation.”
– Liberty House Executive Office

“As the sponsor, please be assured that we are thrilled with your work and enthusiasm.”
– Security Pacific National Bank

“I want to thank you very much for your excellent leadership and professionalism.”
– San Francisco Blues Festival

“I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation for your direction, time, and logistical know-how…you are an invaluable asset.”

“Congratulations on a job well done!”
-San Francisco Examiner

“In spite of several last minute changes you were able to “pull-through” with polish and style…(it) was quite successful for Sprint”.

“…delivered the “Micro” version of its Head Mount Sensory Interface (HMSI) for simulation, visualization, and immersive interactive media applications. ..”
– Real Time Graphics

“…can enable users to do “remote-traveling” by using their telephone lines or satellite dishes to retrieve video that visually transports them to another place Such systems could be used to simulate riding in a submarine, flying in a jet fighter, or orbiting the Earth.”
– Robb Report

“… zip about the galaxy in comfortable style-aside from “additional sensory effects” like explosion thumps, cold jets of air, hot flushes and low frequency rumble.”
– Mondo 2000

“The United States Army is scheduled to award…(the Team)..a contract this month to develop a hybrid virtual reality interface that will allow individual infantrymen to directly participate in large-scale simulation exercises”.
– Silicon Graphics World

“…regarding your company’s virtual reality network. I appreciated hearing from you, and I sincerely regret the delay in my reply…Companies like yours are the foundation upon which this nation’s economic growth and competitiveness rests.”
– Vice President Al Gore on White House letterhead

“…a major step towards the future of consumer access to virtual reality, by demonstrating and shipping a family of computer based systems which allow users to work or play together inside synthetic digital worlds, even while physically located in different locations.”
– C3i News

“…will initially be used in military applications, the companies expect it will provide a foundation for entertainment, medical, and scientific applications, including a new generation of “virtual laser tag” arcade games.”
– Computer Graphics World

“…enjoy the flexibility of the Autodesk CDK finding that hardware performance and configuration issues of the past are no longer a significant consideration for potential immersive visualization users. (the Team) has configured numerous systems providing great performance, running CDK with standard hardware and software utilities.”
– Autodesk corporate 4-color national marketing brochure

“…the first consumer network offering multi-users the ability to see true 3-D stereoscopic imagery, turn their heads to look around the digital world, view photo-realistic texture maps, and interact other users simultaneously.”
– Virtual Reality Report

“…a Personal Simulator component for supplying sensory information and accepting voice commands. The HMSI is ergonomically designed as a light weight, non-intrusive, information input/output device for standard video, audio, voice, and 6-D position tracking systems. The design accommodates a range of sophistication including full-D stereoscopic visuals, 360 degree audio, voice command user interface, facial muscle transponders, and optional 6-D head tracking interface. The HMSI may also be operated in a wireless mode and/or in a multi user configuration with other HMSI devices.”
– Real Time Graphics

“The HMSI can run wireless, as power is generated by a battery pack, with the installed option to link directly to normal AC power. The HMSI enables the user to view computer-generated images in stereoscopic 3D form. Interaction can be achieved via mouse, gesture sensor, head-tracking system, or voice commands relayed by an installed voice-command unit.”
– AI Expert

“You peer through the goggles, seeing a town far below. Then with a quick twist of the wrist, you’re diving toward Main Street, swooping and banking through the sleepy village. It’s like a dream of flying but with complete control. Stepping back from the viewer in the local office of Silicon Graphics Inc. is disorienting. So that’s what they mean by “virtual reality.” It’s a stunning experience. But equally astonishing is the idea that fantastic voyages formerly reserved for high-tech researchers will soon be possible in the local mall, or even your living room. “The hype is over and the real applications are coming in the very immediate future…”
– The Baltimore Sun

“…The Reality Port will be marketed to theme parks and arcades. It uses parallel 486’s with Windows (moving to NT and Pentium), or Silicon Graphics Onyx workstations with a DOS shell. (the Team) is ready to license and ship versions for theme parks ($500,000) and arcades ($50,000)…”

“…The unit looks like black wrap-around sunglasses and provides stereoscopic color images, spatial sound, position sensing, voice command, biofeedback, and other computer/human factor solutions in one integral package, company officials said.’
– Silicon Graphics World

“…a supplier of some of the most advanced computer assisted interactive visualization systems. The visualization industry incorporates elements of multimedia, simulation, virtual reality, 3-D computing and telecommunications. The intuitive nature of (the Team)’s products allow the integration of the computer application and the user, with the goal of responding to the sociological need to become emotionally involved with the working environment. (the Team) has a number of unique selling positions that provide the Company with one-of-a-kind potential.”
– Virtual Reality News

“..Instead of dropping a coin into an arcade you will drop into virtual worlds”
– Richard Hart, The Next Step, Discovery Network, Television

“This kind of technology gives you emotional contact with your work…”
– E! Entertainment Network, International E! News Daily, Television

“…hardware’s impressive. Put on their 3D head mounted stereoscopic glasses equipped with speakers, then hook a special game unit into your telephone line…”
– Gamepro Magazine

“If you liked VR.5, you’ll love Fox’s Virtual Reality Tour…”
– Fox Network, Nationwide prime-time series of television ads featuring Entertainment Rides and Software

Additional Letters of reference, press clippings and audio-visual documentation on-file. Confidential, non-sanitized, version of his resume available upon request.


(Above: The Pulse Pack (TM) he designed)



(ABOVE: The World’s First Global Full Screen Web Broadcaster)

San Francisco Giants Stadium (Below)

World’s First Global Disaster App (Below)

San Francisco (Below)

Various Theme Parks (Below)

California – Detroit – Washington, DC (Below)

Japan (Below)

Washington, DC (Below)

San Francisco (Below)

San Francisco (Below)

San Francisco (Below)


San Francisco (Below)

San Francisco (Below)

Los Angeles (Below)


San Francisco (Below)

San Francisco (Below)

On November 27, 1978 He was on the way to City Hall to Mayor George Moscone’s office to discuss his city wide project called: “LIGHTS”. On the way there, Dan White assassinated the Mayor and Harvey Milk. He produced “LIGHTS”, a few months later, on top of Twin Peaks as a tribute to Mayor Moscone.
San Francisco (Below)


Washington, DC (Below)


San Francisco (Below)


National Park Service (Below)


San Francisco (Below)

Washington, DC (Below)

Nationwide (Below)

Washington, DC (Below)

Various Centers (Below)



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