(PORTFOLIO) That Time Scott Ran For Mayor Of San Francisco

Civic and law enforcement leaders encouraged Scott to run for Mayor. Scott’s friend: George Moscone, had been murdered not that long ago as Scott was on his way to see him. George had always encouraged Scott to devote his life to public service (which he did for decades thereafter).

Scott dedicated his 1979 illumination ‘Lightscape’ Event “LIGHTS“, (viewed and listened to via simulcast by millions of people) on top of San Francisco’s mountain: Twin Peaks, to George Moscone and Harvey Milk, who were both murdered at the same time.


Scott was the first and only person to ever fully illuminate Sutro Tower. After that the Sutro Tower boss said “Don’t do it again, we don’t want to remind the public it is there because they all think it is such an eye-sore of a tower…”


Scott’s Mayoral campaign had the best ‘Expense Vs. Votes‘ and the best ‘budget effectiveness metrics’. He made history by being the first candidate in California to ever offer a “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE” in his full page newspaper ads for Mayor of San Francisco. Scott then became more than just a candidate. He was asked to assist in a sting operation because other candidates were suspected of crimes. Some of those candidates were eventually either arrested, charged, indicted and/or placed under Federal surveillance for life. It turns out that only Mayoral candidates have access to the same information as other candidates. Scott became close with the California Fair Political Practices people, The FBI and other Task Force operations. The right candidate eventually won the election, though: Good old Art Agnos; who Scott really liked!

Scott had more posters on San Francisco’s Market Street than any other candidate and the San Francisco Bay Guardian donated full page ads to him for his platform postings with his “MONEY BACK GUARANTEE” to the voters. In a televised debate with the other candidates you can see Scott walking on stage with a manilla file folder. Scott placed the manilla folder next to him on the seat in plain view of another candidate: It was the federal investigation file on that candidate.

The biggest arrests of other candidates in that election involved embezzled money over the Moscone Convention Center and a child prostitution ring operated FOR AND BY City Hall officials.

At first, Scott built the opening ceremonies and world’s record decorations for the opening of David Rockefeller’s and James Bronkema’s Embarcadero Center. They were all friends then.

After Scott started to help with the Golden Gate Bridge Anniversay. James Bronkema. David Rockefeller’s ‘bag man’ on the West Coast waged a terrible battle with Scott because Bronkema had promised the job to his mistress. Bronkema was a San Francisco ‘Boss’ who ran the Golden Gate Bridge, financed politicians Pelosi and Feinstein, etc, ran the Chamber of Commerce and did other interesting things. Eventually, with help from Bronkema’s mistress, Scott was let inside of the group and invited to “join in the fun“. Bronkema’s revelations about “how things really work around here..” became of interest to law enforcement groups who were looking into Corruption In San Francisco.

Ironically, James (“Jimmy The B”) Bronkema looked exactly like the “Monopoly Man” in the board game: MONOPOLY:

Scott had a front-row seat to the cronyism, bribes, quid-pro-quo, larceny, sex-trafficking, revolving-door-hiring, payola and other naughty bits. Everybody from the FBI to the California Fair Political Practices Commission, to the Attorney General to top news investigators were delighted to hear about it! Scott had a basic civic celebration that only cost $50,000.00 and had all of the fireworks for the City already donated. The City ASKED Scott to increase his budget to “a few million’.  ‘Jimmy the B’ insisted that he had to have his version as a $22 MILLION Dollar Party because they had some ‘friends’ that needed the extra cash (and a Senator they needed covert funds for).

Special private investigators Paul Kangas; an insider from the Coblentz law firm; Sam Brown; Jack Palladino, and others, filled in the blanks about how the corruption worked. In fact, to this day, there is a box called “The Palladino Case” that has yet to be found. It has investigative files on all of these characters and is rumored to be held by a Getty family member. Many thought that a leak of that box would be an END-OF-DAYS kind of event. In the meantime, though, every single entity mentioned in this article has had every one of their stock market records, bank records, political payola, asset lists, communications and other incriminating evidence hacked and leaked by off-shore parties. The Panama Parties being sifted through by ICIJ are only 1% of what has been leaked.

The mystical “Palladino” box may surface some day but the real juice is already out on the web!

After seeing all of this corruption first-hand, Scott said: “That’s not how you run MY GOVERNMENT”, ….and the rest is history.

All of the other developers in San Francisco wanted to know why Jimmy The B was the only one to get permits for the between-building bridges. Jimmy loved bridges and special favors…

One of Scott’s Hundreds of designs for the Golden Gate Bridge Events
One of Scott’s team’s billboards that were located all over San Francisco




“…Scott produced the official U.S. Post Office First Day Cover’s for the event, got the fireworks donated, produced the theme song:

… and did a few other parts of the celebration, but was ‘black-listed’ from doing anything else because he had worked with the authorities to bust the bad guys in the crony political scandal.

Supervisor Carol Ruth Silver ( Who was targeted to be murdered in the George Moscone Assassinations) called Scott into her office and said “Feinstein’s going to get you for this no matter what it takes.. she is very vengeful..” Two family members of Feinstein confirmed that and, later, Feinstein’s own husband, Art Blum, offered to secretly help get Scott off of her “kill list”.

Feinstein’s cross-hacking battle with the CIA exposed the fact that the CIA had charged her with larceny. Later, she was found to have top-level Chinese spies in her office and that her staff hired Fusion GPS, Black Cube and other “hit job” services on a regular basis. Feinstein is widely known for hiring disgruntled ex-CIA staff to do her dirty work for her. Congressmen Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy and 30+ others referred to her as “The most corrupt insider trading scheme maker” they ever encountered. If you type: “Dianne Feinstein Corruption” in the top 5 search engines in the world, the corruption articles results go on for longer than any other politician in history. Feinstein’s family fund is also business partnered with Elon Musk, who Scott has testified to the FBI about. Feinstein’s Chief Of Staff threatened Scott with retribution, in writing, if Scott moved forward with the recovery of the NUMMI factory in Fremont, California, after Elon Musk said he “had no possible use for it”, on TV. Covertly, the Feinstein family had talked Musk into taking the building because Feinstein’s family managed it. They owned the front companies for FBI-raided Solyndra and under-investigation Tesla. Feinstein’s staff claimed to be able to kill off any federal funding, SSA benefits, HUD funds or other government funds WITH A SINGLE PHONE CALL, if someone ‘pissed them off’.” Hence the federal anti-corruption cases that Scott now supports…”




Investigators say that a portion of the money was “skimmed” by Bridge Board officials and that the reason, even in 2022, that the Golden Gate Bridge still has such insanely high priced tolls is that the tolls are still paying for the 1987 Fiasco through creative money-laundering, stock market investing and other shenanigans. Bridge officials will deny that assertion, until their dying day, because if the skims ever get traced, some of them will go TO FEDERAL PRISON!

San Francisco’s hottest politician: Janet Reilly (Said to be the inspiration for ‘Claire’ in Netflix HOUSE OF CARDS), sat on the Golden Gate Bridge Board and got an eyeful. The Bridge District seems to be just like throwing money into a sewer. Marin’s Gene Prat has been very vocal about the hard facts behind Golden Gate Bridge Corruption. Carney Campion, who ran the entire operation at one pont, finally confessed that even though bridge tolls were not ‘directly’ being spent to pay off the Bridge Fiasco debts, they were being used to support the funds that were being used to pay off those debts. That bit of word trickery should be looked into by a Civil Grand Jury with FBI Forensic Accounting on hand to check those numbers.

No commuter likes to think that the toll ass-f*cking they get on the GG Bridge, every day, is to help pay off old crony political mobster debts! Nobody that sits on the Golden Gate Bridge Board should be anybody that makes more than $75,000.00 per year or SF and Marin will just have an endless stream of millionaires running a “people’s bridge” for their own nefarious millionaire schemes and insider trading scams!

At the time, some epic corruption, cronyism and embezzlement was underway with the Golden Gate Bridge and Scott was asked to testify about those shenanigans…





It is important to acknowledge Jay Patterson, the author of the letter above. Voters whose eligibility has come into question have not been excluded from the elections process since Jay William Patterson III, former San Francisco registrar of voters, created/invented the provisional ballot.

His 1985 invention, the provisional ballot, “has, without a doubt, done more to enfranchise voters and increase voter participation than any other development in recent election history,” wrote Secretary of State Debra Bowen in a letter to him”

Patterson had also helped talk Scott into running.

Among the bizarre phone calls Scott got during this Mayoral campaign were 22 threats of doom, which Scott mentioned a few times. One day, two SFPD officers asked him to “come down to the station” on Bryant Street at around 8PM, or so, at night. Kind of weird, but OK. Scott parked in the garage under the Police station. Scott was shown into an interrogation room with a mirrored window. The officers kept asking Scott about who he thought might want to harm him. The officers kept glancing up at the mirrored window and then there was a thud of someone bumping into something in the other room behind the glass. It became obvious someone was watching from behind the glass. When Scott left and went down to his car is was so late that all of the other police had gone home. The only other car in the garage: BELONGED TO THE MAIN OPPOSITION Candidate in the election, A City Official. Scott reported this, and the name of that official, to his federal contacts. While some of the tapes may have been erased, the SFPD garage security cameras were always running because Bryant Street is a high break-in area…now what if the feds got to those tapes first and saved a copy on their own recorder… or what if private investigator Jack Palladino did….oh my…

Jack Palladino did provide Scott with an SFPD investigation record on that other candidate.. it wasn’t pretty… and has been forwarded to the FBI and Congressional investigtors…

Scott just does not like his government being operated like a GARAGE SALE!