(NOTES) The Problem With Google – Alphabet That The FBI, FTC, FEC, EU and FTC Must Resolve

In flagrant violation of the law and ethical standards, Google operated a $30M web attack (Proven by Google’s leaked banking records, emails and billings) against Scott in a massive anti-competition scheme. Scott sued Google and filed federal charges with every law enforcement and regulatory agency. Although, you can’t really expect much from the feds SINCE GOOGLE OWNS MUCH OF THE GOVERNMENT AND PROVIDES THE KEY WHITE HOUSE STAFFING: DOJ Antitrust Honchos Draw Millions From GOOGLE-Backed Groups (LINK)...

The general claims chart exemplified below is one of many claims charts on multiple intellectual property assets invented by Scott. In addition to other proofs of ‘first-to-invent’ status, signed NDA’s, leaked competitor emails, internal competitor documents, federal file wrappers, news videos, whistle-blower testimony, court records and voluminous other evidence exists to support the veracity of the assertions over IP rights.


Want to help end the tech oligarch’s rape of society? Never, EVER: use, read, quote, link to, paste from, or refer to; anything on corrupt and contrived: Twitter, Google – Alphabet – Facebook – Meta – Instagram – Netflix or YouTube! Don’t expand their reach! Don’t be their digital bitch! Stop being an addict to Silicon Valley’s social media scam! Keep the battery out of your phone so Big Tech can’t contimue to spy on you. Did you know you CAN’T turn an iPhone off. Apple iPhones pretend to be “off” but still monitor you with reserve power. The government should shut these companies down but they don’t because these companies pay the largest bribes on Earth to politicians! Demand that Congress shut down these big tech abusers that cuause child suicides, bullying, sex trafficking, money laundering, tax evasion, political bribery, election manipulation and other crimes,

Google based it’s formation on companies, technologies and patents that Scott had created years before Google existed. Scott sued Google for anti-trust, racketeering and other illicit deeds and Google hired tens of millions of dollars of lawyers to blockade Scott from getting to a Jury Trial. Scott is now assisting the Federal Government, many State Attorney General’s and citizen’s groups with their lawsuits against The Google Cartel.

Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Stratfor, Wikileaks, FTC and SEC investigators and Kroll Intelligence says that Google runs the largest domestic spying operation in the world; larger than that of even Russia, China, Isreal or Iran. The Google Cartel has set up tho- USA – nds of companies in a spiderweb of surveillance, around the globe, and in space, that knows everything that everyone is thinking, doing or might do; and how to place media and events in front of them to subliminally steer people to do, or think, things that they might not otherwise have thought, done or voted for. Many of these operations were financed by IN-Q-TEL, which is the CIA and the NVCA combined. For example, A Google derivative called ‘JigSaw’ is run by Pro-Isreal, Anti-Arab operatives and steers data to certain interested parties. Larry Page and Sergy are on multiple Arab secret police “kill lists”, which means they should terminate those guys if the opportunity arises. Barack Obama had Eric Schmidt in the basement of his campaign HQ on election night, running computers, and has secretly claimed that “Google put him in office”. Most of the key White House staff came from Google. Google claims to ‘not be political’, but it is the most political business Cartel on Earth. Google finances politicians that will do what Google tells them to do. It finances them with billions of dollars of internet manipulation, insider stock favors and by getting every staff member to give max limits to their camapign PACS.

Google and it’s facades: Jigsaw; Alphabet; YouTube; Google LLC (core profit maker); XXVI Holdings Inc.; Google Ireland Holdings (Google LLC subsidiary, that realizes most international profits); Alphabet Capital US LLC; Alphabet Inc.- – USA – -Parent holding company since 2015. If you own stocks of Google/Alphabet, you own a piece of this company; Calico Life Sciences LLC – – USA – – Research and development company working on keeping Eric Schmidt alive; Calico LLC (Calico Group LLC)- – USA – – Holding company of Calico Life Sciences LLC. Company is doing business as Calico Group LLC; Chronicle LLC – – USA – – Cybersecurity company that creates tools for businesses to sy on other companies; Google LLC – USA – – Core Google parent company originally named Google Inc. before Google transformed itself into Alphabet. This is where most of the profits come from; Loon Holdings Inc. – – USA – Holdings company – Loon LLC – – USA – – Company is working on providing Internet spying to rural and remote areas using high-altitude balloons; OB Technologies Inc. – – USA – Holdings company – OB Technology Holdings Inc.- – USA – -Holding company; Waymo Holding Inc.- USA – – Holding company for Waymo; Waymo LLC – USA – – – Company developed autonomous car technology and currently operates “testing” rides in several US states and already launched Waymo One service in Phoenix. Recently it announced that it will not make its own cars but rather focus on autonomous driving technology to spy on consumers; Wing Aviation LLC – US – Company developed drone delivering technology. It became independent from Project X in 2018. It is currently testing in Australia; X Development Holdings Inc.- USA – Holding company – X Development LLC – USA – -Called “Moonshot Factory.” The company says it is working on solving the world’s hardest problems using technology but seems to just be an outlet for Larry Page to steal and copy tecnologies with. Wing, Loom, and Waymo, which are now separate businesses, started as X projects; XXVI Holdings, Inc- USA – Layer between Alphabet Inc. and individual companies of Alphabet. The system is designd to lower regulatory or disclosure requirements, tax evasion, money laundering and for hiding political payola. The name of the company is referring to the Roman numeral of 26, the number of letters in the alphabet.

Google LLC has over 200 direct and indirect subsidiaries in order to limit where lawsuits and federal actions can go. The Mafia uses this same approach. Almost everything Google owns is invovlved in acquiring, and analyzing your personal and business data for the Google surveillance computers. It is almost impossible to find a Google group that does not ‘feed the data beast’. Larry Page and Eric Schmidt believe that no citizen is intelligent enough to live in the world and that they must covertly ‘guide’ populations to their own ideology and “Master Plan”. The rest of the Google Cartel for global domination includes:

DeepMind Technologies Limited GBR Artificial intelligence/Machine Learning

DoubleClick Holding Corp.- USA – Online advertising company that Google acquired a decade ago. It recently announced that it is rebranding its advertising products, and it will no longer use DoubleClick brand.

Dropcam, Inc.- USA – Home monitoring. Company is known for its Wi-Fi video streaming cameras. Was acquired by Nest soon after Nest was acquired by Google. This acquisition is often given as an example of how an acquisition can go wrong.

Google Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd SGP Singapore company that channels revenues (royalties) from Asia/Pacific region (through the Netherlands) to Ireland Holdings Unlimited. It has a similar purpose to Google Ireland Limited in Europe.

Google Bermuda Limited BMU Hard to say, where in the company hierarchy this sits. Might be the parent company of Google Bermuda Unlimited

Google Dialer Inc.- USA – Not sure exactly but connected to Google Fiber and Google Voice.

Google Fiber Inc.- USA – Internet Access Provider

Google Fiber North America Inc.- USA – Internet Access Provider

Google International LLC – USA – Holdings company for Google’s subsidiaries in individual countries outside the US.

Google Ireland Holdings Unlimited Comp. – IRL – This is a very “famous” Google subsidiary that is incorporated in Ireland but managed and controlled in Bermuda. Google at least up to recently used this subsidiary as part of the “Double Irish” with “Dutch Sandwich” tax optimization scheme that is very common among large international companies. The company serves partially as a holding company for some international businesses but mainly as a holder of Google intellectual property that it further licensed to other Google companies for a fee.

Google Ireland Limited – IRL – Google Services Provider for Europe and Switzerland. It books a lot of revenue, but makes very small profits, since it pays a lot to Google Netherlands BV for Google’s intellectual property. Google Netherlands BV than channels this revenue to Google Ireland Unlimited that is incorporated in Ireland but domiciled in Bermuda.

Google Netherlands Holdings B.V.NLD This company is used as a middle layer between Google Ireland Limited and Google Ireland Holdings. This allows Alphabet to pay very low taxes from its European operations thanks to a tax optimization scheme called “Double Irish” with “Dutch Sandwich.” This loophole was very popular among international technology companies and was already fixed for new arrangements.

Google North America Inc.- USA – Provider of Google FI service (wireless network)

Google Payment Corp.- USA – Google’s companies that handle money transfers and peer-to-peer transactions. In US payments are processed by Google Payment Corp. (GPC), which has the appropriate license for transmitting money and for peer-to-peer transactions in US.

Google Payment Ireland Limited – IRL – Providing Google Payment Services for whole European Union (except UK) as a replacement for

Google Payment UK. UK subsidiary will keep providing services for UK.

Google Voice Inc.- USA – Provider of Google Voice service.

GU Holdings Inc.- USA – Through this company, Google is building subsea cable infrastructure. For example, in 2019, they finished the connection between Los Angeles and Chile.

Nest Labs (Europe) Limited – IRL – “virtual subsidiary” of Nest Labs. Owned by Google Ireland Holdings Unlimited, so not directly under

Nest Labs

Nest Labs Inc.- USA – Company flagship product and company’s first offering before it was acquired by Google was Nest Learning Thermostat. Nest operated independently of Google from 2015 to 2018. However, in 2018, Nest was merged into Google’s home-devices. (Still not sure if it was only organizational merger or also legal merger)

Nest Labs Singapore Pte. Ltd.SGPvirtual “subsidiary” of Nest Labs. Owned by Google Ireland Holdings Unlimited.

Verily Life Sciences LLC – USA – -Research company developing tools that focus on health data and how they can help with timely decision-making and effective interventions. (formerly Google Live Sciences)

Waze Mobile Ltd.ISRGPS navigation software. Waze describes its app as a community-driven GPS navigation app, which is free to download and use. Waze is owned directly by Google LLC.

YouTube, LLC – USA – -Youtube is a very successful video sharing and hosting service that Google acquired in 2006. This acquisition became hugely successful for Google. But not everybody was persuaded that the acquisition made sense at the time.

Alphabet Holding LLC is a holding company that is a direct subsidiary of XXVI Holdings, Inc. It is focused mainly on managing Google/Alphabet investments. Both Alphabet investment managing firms CapitalG and GV are housed under this holding. CapitalG and GV invest in other companies, but since those are usually small stakes below 50%, these companies are not part of Alphabet Group. If you want to know more about what companies do they invest in, both CapitalG and GV have a helpful list of their investments on their webpages.

CapitalG 2013 GP LLC – USA – – – Fund Manager

CapitalG 2013 LP- USA – Fund

CapitalG 2014 GP LLC – USA – – Fund Manager

CapitalG 2014 LP- USA – Fund

CapitalG 2015 GP LLC – USA – – Fund Manager

CapitalG 2015 LP- USA – Fund

CapitalG GP II LLC – USA – – Fund

CapitalG GP LLC – USA – – Fund Manager

CapitalG II LP- USA – Fund


CapitalG LP- USA – Fund

CapitalG Management Company LLC – USA – – CapitalG Core Management Company

CapitalG Rise LLC – USA – –

Google Capital 2016 GP, L.L.C.- USA – Used to be under Google Inc.

Google Capital 2016, L.P.- USA – Fund

Google Capital Management Company, L.L.C.- USA – Google Capital management company (Google Capital is an old name for CapitalG)

GV 2009 GP, L.L.C.- USA – Fund manager

GV 2009, L.P.- USA – Fund

GV 2010 GP, L.L.C.- USA – Fund manager

GV 2010, L.P.- USA – Fund

GV 2011 GP, L.L.C.- USA – Fund manager

GV 2011, L.P.- USA – Fund

GV 2012 GP, L.L.C.- USA – Fund manager

GV 2012, L.P.- USA – Fund

GV 2013 GP, L.L.C.- USA – Fund manager

GV 2013, L.P.- USA – Fund

GV 2014 GP, L.L.C.- USA – Fund manager

GV 2014, L.P.- USA – Fund

GV 2015 GP, L.L.C.- USA – Fund manager

GV 2015, L.P.- USA – Fund

GV 2016 GP, L.L.C.- USA – Fund manager

GV 2016, L.P.- USA – Fund

GV 2017 GP, L.L.C.- USA – Fund manager

GV 2017 GP, L.P.- USA – Fund manager

GV 2017, L.P.- USA – Fund

GV 2019 GP, L.L.C.- USA – Fund manager

GV 2019 GP, L.P.- USA – Fund manager

GV 2019, L.P.- USA – Fund

GV Management Company, L.L.C.- USA – Core management company for GV

GV UK Management Company LimitedGBRSmall UK based branch of “GV Management” (3 employees in 2018)
Sidewalk Labs LLC – USA – -Urban innovation organization whose goal is to improve urban infrastructure through technological solutions and tackle challenges of urban growth such as cost of living, efficient transportation, and energy – USA – ge.

Sidewalk Labs Management Company LLC – USA – -Urban innovation

Before 2015, there was no Alphabet, and Google Inc. was a publicly-traded company that you could directly own by buying its shares. All subsidiaries were subsidiaries to Google Inc. In 2015 Google transformed into Alphabet, where Alphabet Inc became the top parent company that was publicly traded. Google Inc. shareholders became overnight Alphabet Inc shareholders.

In reality, many “Other Bets” businesses still stayed as subsidiaries of Google LLC even after the 2015 transformation, and it was only recently when the whole transformation was finalized. Finally, “Other Bets” companies were moved from outside Google LLC.

The reasons for this complex transformation were described by Google management as an “increase in transparency and oversight,” That would be achieved by putting larger projects at the same level as Goole LLC with their separate management, reporting directly to Alphabet Inc management. The proclaimed increase in transparency was only internal for Google management. Transparency for investors did not increase. Another reason behind the transformation was obviously limiting risk. By separating Google into different companies, each one of them is independent of each other. If someone gets arrested in one company, the others would be protected from it.

Double Irish & Dutch Sandwich is a very popular and publicized arrangement through which mostly US companies were optimizing their taxes from European businesses. It involved two Irish and one Dutch company. Wikipedia has a nice article on both Double Irish and Dutch Sandwich, explaining how it works. In Alphabet/Google case. Companies involved in Double Irish with Dutch Sandwich arrangement are assumed to be:

Google Ireland Holding Unlimited (Irish company with Bermuda domicile)

Google Netherlands Holdings B.V. (Dutch “sandwich” company that serves as an intermediary between two Ireland companies)

Google Ireland Limited (Ireland company that is directly booking revenue from European business, and sends most of the revenue to the Netherlands as royalties for leasing Google’s intellectual property.

Aardvark- USA – Q&A service

Admeld Inc.- USA – Online advertising

AdMob, Inc.- USA – Mobile advertising

Adometry, Inc.- USA – Online advertising attribution

AdScape Media, Inc.

AdScape Media (Canada), Inc.- USA –

CANIn-game advertising

Aegino Unlimited Company – IRL – Company was mentioned in some articles as owner of several other companies operating data centers.

Agawi Inc.- USA – Mobile application streaming

Agnilux Inc.- USA – CPUs design

AIMatter OOOBLRComputer vision

Akwan Information Technologies IncBRASearch engine

allPAY GmbHDEUMobile software developer

Alooma, Inc.ISRCloud migration

Alpental Technologies, Inc.- USA – Wireless Technology

Alphabet Capital Management LLC – USA – – –

Alphabet Capital US II LLC – USA – – –

Alphabet Capital US LLC – USA – – – it was one of only four companies that Google mentioned this one as “significant” in their annual report, which means this is not just an empty shell.

Alphabet Capital, LLC – USA – -Incorporated in 2018 in Delaware, otherwise no further details about it.

Android Inc.- USA – Mobile operating system

Angstro, Inc.- USA – Social networking service

Anvato Inc.- USA – Cloud-based video services

API.AI- USA – Natural language processing

Apigee Corporation (- USA – )

Apigee Technologies (India) Private Limited (IND)

Apigee Europe Limited (GBR)

Apigee Singapore Pte Ltd (SGP)

Apigee Australia Pty Ltd (AUS)

Apigee Japan K K (JPN)

Apigee Corporation (branch) (ARE)

InsightsOne Systems, Inc. (- USA – )Vario- USA – PI management and predictive analytics

AppBridge Inc.- USA – Google Cloud migration

Appetas- USA – Restaurant website creation

Applied Semantics, Inc.- USA – Online advertising

Appurify Inc.- USA – Automated application testing

Apture, Inc.- USA – Instantaneous search

Autofuss- USA – Art and Design

BandPage, Inc.- USA – Platform for musicians

BeatThatQuote.com LimitedGBRPrice comparison service

bebop Technologies, Inc.- USA – Cloud software

Behavio- USA – Social Prediction

Beijing Gu Xiang Information Technology Co. Limited (Join Venture)CHNInternet Search (Join Venture)

Bitium, Inc.- USA – Single sign-on and identity management

Bitspin GmbHCHETimely App for Android

BlindType IncGRCTouch typing

Bot & Dolly Inc.- USA – Robotic cameras

bruNET Holding AG

bruNET GmbH

bruNET Schweiz GmbHDEU


DEUMobile software

Bump Technologies- USA – Mobile software

Bump Technologies Inc. (BumpTop)CANDesktop environment

Cask Data Inc.- USA – Big data analytics

Ceann Nua Limited – IRL – Editorial control services

Channel Intelligence, Inc.- USA – Ecommerce services

Charleston Road Registry Inc.- USA – Company serving as top level Domain registrar, since rules required it to be a separate company from Google.

Clever Sense, Inc.- USA – Local recommendations app

Cronologics Inc.- USA – Smart watches

Cwist, Inc. (Workbench )- USA – Online learning provider

DailyDeal GmbHDEUOne deal a day service

Dealmap- USA – One deal a day service

DigisferaPRT360-degree photography

Digital Advertising and Marketing Limited (GBR)

DoubleClick Asia Ltd. (HKG)

DoubleClick Australia Pty Ltd (AUS)

DoubleClick Europe Limited (GBR)

DoubleClick Hispania SL (ESP)

DoubleClick International Asia BV (NLD)

DoubleClick International Holding LLC (- USA – )

DoubleClick International Internet Advertising Limited ( – IRL – )

DoubleClick International TechSolutions Limited ( – IRL – )

DoubleClick Internet Ireland Limited ( – IRL – )

DoubleClick Real Property LLC (- USA – )

DoubleClick Sweden AB (SWE)

DoubleClick Technology Pte. Ltd. (SGP)

DoubleClick TechSolutions (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (CHN)

Falk eSolutions GmbH (CHE)

Falk eSolutions Ltd. (GBR)

Google Affiliate Network Inc. (- USA – )

MessageMedia Europe BV (SWE)

MessageMedia GmbH (DEU)

MessageMedia US/Europe Inc. (- USA – )VariousGroup of subsidiaries that are part of DoubleClick Holding

Directr Inc.- USA – Mobile video app

Divide, Inc.- USA – App splitting phone into two modes, personal & work.

dMarc Broadcasting, Inc.

Scott Concepts, LLC

Scott Studios, LLC – USA – –

– USA – Radio advertising software

DNNresearch Inc.CANDeep Neural Networks (image recognition)

DocVerse, Inc.- USA – Microsoft Office files sharing site

DoubleClick International Asia Holding NVNLDHolding company

DrawElements OYFINGraphics compatibility testing

eBook Technologies, Inc.- USA – E-book distribution

Emu- USA – IM client

Endoxon AG

Endoxon (Deutchland) GmbH

Endoxon (India) Private Ltd.CHE



Episodic, Inc.- USA – Online video platform start-up

Eyefluence, Inc.- USA – Eye tracking, virtual reality

Fabric- USA – Mobile app platform

FameBit, LLC – USA – -Marketing platform connecting online creators and brands


Firebase, Inc.- USA – Application development platform

Flexycore SASFRADroidBooster App for Android

Flutter- USA – Gesture recognition technology

Fly Labs Inc.- USA – Video editing

FortyTwo Inc. (Kifi)- USA – Link management

Fridge- USA – Social groups

Gecko Design Inc.- USA – Mechanical design

Global IP Solutions Holding ABSWEVideo and audio compression

Google (Hong Kong) Limited (HKG)

Google Google Reklamcilik ve Pazarlama (Google Advertising and Marketing Limited) (TUR)

Google Argentina S.R.L. (ARG)

Google Australia Pty Ltd. (AUS)

Google Austria GmbH (AUT)

Google Belgium NV (BEL)

Google Brasil Internet Ltda. (BRA)

Google Canada Corporation (CAN)

Google Czech Republic s.r.o. (CZE)

Google Denmark ApS (DNK)

Google Egypt LLC (EGY)

Google Finland OY (FIN)

Google France SarL (FRA)

Google FZ LLC (ARE)

Google Germany GmbH (DEU)

Google Holdings Pte. Ltd. (SGP)

Google Chile Limitada (CHL)

Google India Private Limited (IND)

Google Information Technology Services Limited Liability Company (HUN)

Google Israel Ltd. (ISR)

Google Italy s.r.l. (ITA)

Google Japan Inc. (JPN)

Google Korea, LLC. (KOR)

Google Limited Liability Company-Google OOO (RUS)

Google Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. (MEX)

Google New Zealand Ltd. (NZL)

Google Norway AS (NOR)

Google Poland Sp. z o.o. (POL)

Google South Africa (Proprietary) Limited (ZAP)

Google Spain, S.L. (ESP)

Google Sweden AB (SWE)

Google Switzerland GmbH (CHE)

Google UK Limited (GBR)

Google Netherlands B.V. (NLD)VariousGroup of Google’s international subsidiaries that operate in many countries around the world. Majority of them are subsidiaries of Google International LLC

Google Affordable Housing I LLC – USA – Holdings Company

Google Airwaves Inc.- USA – This google subsidiary took part in FCC auction for the 700mhz spectrum in United States.

Google Bermuda UnlimitedBMUProbably part of “Double Irish” tax scheme. Is this parent company of Google Ireland Holdings?

Google Cable Bermuda LtdBMU -. Is it related to underwater cables Google is building?

Google CFLL Inc.- USA – –

Google Commerce Limited – IRL – –

Google Compare Auto Insurance Services Inc.- USA – Auto insurance comparison service

Google Compare Credit Cards Inc.- USA – Credit Card comparison service

Google Compare Mortgages Inc.- USA – Mortgage comparison service

Google Endeavor LLC – USA – -Internet Commerce

Google Energy LLC – USA – -Wholesale power trading

Google Engineering UK Holdings LimitedGBRHolding company

Google Europe International Technology Unlimited Company – IRL – –

Google Fiber California, LLC – USA – -Fiber Service

Google Information Technology (China) Co., LimitedCHNSoftware development

Google Information Technology (Shanghai) Company LimitedCHNInternet Search

Google Infrastructure Bermuda LimitedBMU –

Google Payment Hong Kong LimitedHKGGoogle Pay Services

Google Payment LithuaniaLTUGoogle Pay Services. Not sure if this company really operates. It was probably on the short list to be counterparty for the whole Europe as a replacement for Google Payment UK. At the end, european business was handed over to Google Payment Ireland.

Google Payment Ltd.GBRThis company used to be the main payment service provider for Europe. This role was handed over to Google Payment Ireland, because of looming Brexit.

Google Payment Singapore Pte. Ltd.SGPGoogle Pay Services

Google Singapore Pte. Ltd.SGPHosting service

Google SJC Bermuda LimitedBMU –

Google Spectrum Investments Inc.- USA – –

Google Sweden Tecnique ABSWE –

GrandCentral Communication, Inc.- USA – Voice over IP

GraphicsFuzz Ltd.GBRGPU reliability

Green Border Technologies, Inc.- USA – Computer security

Green Parrot Pictures Ltd – IRL – Digital video (quality & speed)

GreenThrottle- USA – Acquihire of android game maker

Halli Labs Private LimitedINDArtificial intelligence

Holomni LLC – USA – -Robotic wheels

Ignite Logic Inc.- USA – HTML editor

ImageAmerica, Inc.

ImageAmerica Aviation, Inc.- USA –

– USA – Aerial photography

Impermium Inc.- USA – Internet security

Incentive Targeting Inc.- USA – Digital coupons

Industrial Perception Inc.- USA – Robotic arms, computer vision

Instantiations Inc.- USA – Java/Eclipse/AJAX developer tools

Invite Media Inc.- USA – Display advertising

ITA Software Inc.- USA – Travel technology

Jambool, Inc.- USA – “Social Gold” payments

Jetpac Inc.- USA – Artificial intelligence, image recognition

Jibe Mobile Inc.- USA – Rich Communication Services

Kaggle Inc.- USA – Data science competitions

Katango, Inc.- USA – Social circle organization

Keyhole, Inc.- USA – Map analysis

LabPixies Ltd.ISRSocial games & widgets

LaunchKit- USA – Toolkit for mobile app development

Launchpad Toys Inc.- USA – Child-friendly apps

LeapDroid Inc.- USA – Android Emulator

Leonberger Holdings B.V.NLDNot sure about the purpose of this company, except the fact that Leonberger Yoska was “official” Google dog in early 2000.

Leti Link Holdings Limited – IRL – Purpose unknown

Lift Labs Inc- USA – Liftware developer (utensils for people with tremor)

Like.com Inc.- USA – Visual search engine

Limes Audio ABSWEVoice communication

Lumedyne Technologies Incorporated- USA – Developer of MEMs-based, inertial direction sensors.

Makani Power Inc.- USA – Airborne wind turbines

MDialog Corp.CANOnline advertising

Meebo, Inc.- USA – Social networking

Meka Robotics LLC – USA – -Robots

Metaweb Technologies, Inc.- USA – Semantic search

Moodstocks SASFRAImage recognition

MyEnergy- USA – Online energy – USA – ge monitoring

Neotonic Software Corporation- USA – Customer relationship management

Next New Networks LLC – USA – -Online video

Nightcorn, Inc.DEUVideo sharing

Nik Software Inc.- USA – Photography

Nimbuz, Inc. (Odysee)- USA – Multimedia sharing and storage

NVF Tech Limited (Redux)

NVF Sub Limited

Redux Management Limited

Redux Laboratories LLPGBR



Omnisio, Inc.- USA – Online Video

On2 Technologies, Inc.- USA – Video compression

Orbitera Inc.- USA – Cloud software for cloud marketplaces

Owlchemy Labs LLC – USA – -Virtual reality studio

PanoramioESPPhoto sharing

PeakStream Inc.- USA – Parallel processing

Peng Ji Information Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.CHNSoftware development

Phonetic Arts LimitedGBRSpeech synthesis

PieSGPEnterprise communications

PittPatt- USA – Facial recognition system

Pixate Inc.- USA – Mobile software prototyping

Plannr- USA – Schedule management

Plink SearchGBRVisual search engine

Postini, Inc.

Postini Canada Holding Co.

Postini Switzerland GmbH

Postini UK Limited- USA –

GBRCommunications security

PostRank Inc.CANSocial media analytics service

Pulse.io Inc.- USA – Mobile app optimizer

Punch’d Energy Incorporated (Punchd)- USA – Loyalty program

Pushlife Inc.CANService provider

Pyra Labs- USA – Blogger and Blogspot web self-publishing system

Quest Visual Inc.- USA – Augmented reality

Quickoffice, Inc- USA – Mobile office suite

Qwiklabs Inc.- USA – Cloud-based hands-on training platform

Raiden Unlimited Company – IRL – – holding Google’s data center investments

Rangespan Ltd.GBRE-commerce

reCAPTCHA Inc.- USA – Security/Books digitalization

Red Hot Labs Inc.- USA – App advertising and discovery

Redwood Robotics- USA – Robotic arms

RelativeWave LLC – USA – -Mobile software prototyping

Relay Media Inc.- USA – AMP converter

reMail LLC – USA – -Email search

Revolv- USA – Home automation

RightsFlow Inc.- USA – Music rights management

Ruba.com- USA – Travel

SageTV, LLC – USA – -Media center

SayNow- USA – Voice recognition

SchaftJPNRobotics, humanoid robots

Senosis Health Inc.- USA – Health monitoring

Sigmoid Labs Private Ltd.INDIndian railway tracking

Simplify Media- USA – Music streaming

Skia Inc.- USA – Graphics library

Skillman & Hackett- USA – Virtual reality software

Skybox Imaging, Inc.- USA – Satellite

Skydocks GmbHDEUurpose unknown

SlickLoginISRInternet Security

Slide, Inc.- USA – Social gaming

SocialDeck Inc.CANSocial gaming

SocialGrappleCANSocial media analytics service

Songza- USA – Music streaming

Sparkbuy Inc.- USA – Product search and comparison

‎Sparrow SARLFRAMobile apps

Spidercrunch Limited (spider.io)GBRAnti-click fraud

Sprinks- USA – Online advertising

Stackdriver- USA – Cloud computing

Studio SBV, Inc. (Oyster)- USA – E-book subscriptions

Superpod Inc.- USA – Question and answer app

Supyar Technologies Pvt Ltd. (Quiksee)ISROnline video

SynergyseCANInteractive tutorials

Talaria Technologies Inc.- USA – Cloud computing

TalkBin- USA – Mobile software

Tatter and Company (TNC)KORWeblog software

Tenor Inc.- USA – GIF image search

Teracent Corporation- USA – Online advertising

Terrabella Technologies Limited – IRL – Software development

Terraform Labs Incorporated (Onward)- USA – Customer service and sales workflows automation using a chatbot

Thrive Audio – IRL – Surround sound technology

Timeful Inc.- USA – Mobile software

Tiny Garage Labs Inc. (60db)- USA – Podcasts

Titan Aerospace- USA – High-altitude UAVs

TrendalyzerSWEVisualization Software

TxVia, Inc.- USA – Online payments

Upstartle, LLC – USA – -Word processor

Urban Engines Inc.- USA – Location-based analytics

Urchin Software Corporation- USA – Web analytics

Velostrata Inc.ISRCloud migration

Vidmaker Inc.- USA – Video editing

ViewdleUKRFacial recognition


Wavii Inc.- USA – Natural Language Processing

Webpass Inc.- USA – Internet service provider

Zave Networks Inc.- USA – Digital coupons

Zetawire Inc.CANMobile payment, NFC

ZipDash Inc.- USA – Traffic analysis


Zync Inc. (Zync Render)- USA – Cloud-based visual effects software

Other companies, that are stealth spy operations, are not listed herein. LOOK, at that list, what an insane operation Google has. Why would anybody do that unless they want to spy on everything possible. There are no companies in that list that do not have a covert electronic leash back to the public and industry!!!!!


These are the steps that the The Public must demand in order to strengthen public integrity by eliminating corrupt financial conflicts in Congress. These “Big Tech Gorilla” abusers steal technology because they can steal technology. They buy politicians, lobbyists and shill reporters to help them get away with it.

Congress must be ordered, by the voters, to eliminate both the appearance and the potential for financial conflicts of interest. Americans must be confident that actions taken by public officials are intended to serve the public, and not those officials. These actions counter-act the corrupt actions taken by tech oligarchs officials in illicit coordination with U.S. Senators.

Small business has experienced all of the damages from each of the abuse-of-power issues listed below. Your public officials are being paid BRIBES through their family stock market holdings. We asked every office of Congress what the worst of the problems are and this is what they told us, below.

CUT THEM OFF – Demand that Congress make it a felony for any politician, judge or regulator to own stocks, or to let their family own stocks. If they want to get rich, they can go into another line of work.

If the public can get these laws made, it will end 90% of American corruption. Politicians won’t allow these laws to be made because it will cut off their corruption. Thus: You have to force the politicians to make these laws and leverage them with investigations and recall elections.

These are the actions needed to resolve this corruption:

  • Ban individual stock ownership by Members of Congress, Cabinet Secretaries, senior congressional staff, federal judges, White House staff and other senior agency officials while in office. Prohibit all government officials from holding or trading stock where its value might be influenced by their agency, department, or actions.
  • Apply conflict of interest laws to the President and Vice President through the Presidential Conflicts of Interest Act, which would require the President and the Vice President to place conflicted assets, including businesses, into a blind trust to be sold off
  • Require senior Department of Energy government officials, employees, contractors and White House staff to divest from privately-owned assets that could present conflicts, including large companies like Tesla, Google, Facebook, Sony, Netflix, etc., and commercial real estate.
  • Make it a felony to not respond to a filing by a citizen within 48 hours. Former White House and Energy Department staff use ‘stone-walling’ to intentionally delay responses for a decade, or more.
  • Apply ethics rules to all government employees, including unpaid White House staff and advisors.
  • Require most executive branch employees to recuse from all issues that might financially benefit themselves or a previous employer or client from the preceding 4 years.
  • Create conflict-free investment opportunities for federal officials with new investment accounts managed by the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board and conflict-free mutual funds.
  • Close and lock the Revolving Door between industry and government and stop tech companies from buying influence in the government or profiting off of the public service of any official.
  • Lifetime ban on lobbying by Presidents, Vice Presidents, Members of Congress, federal judges, and Cabinet Secretaries; and, multi-year bans on all other federal employees from lobbying their former office, department, House of Congress, or agency after they leave government service until the end of the Administration, but at least for 2 years ( and at least 6 years for corporate lobbyists).
  • Limit the ability of companies to buy influence through former government officials.
  • Require income disclosures from former senior officials 4 years after federal employment.
  • Prohibit companies from immediately hiring or paying any senior government official from an agency, department, or Congressional office recently lobbied by that company.
  • Prohibit the world’s largest companies, banks, and monopolies (measured by annual revenue or market capitalization) from hiring or paying any former senior government official for 4 years after they leave government service.
  • Limit the ability of companies to buy influence through current government employees.
  • Prohibit current lobbyists from taking government jobs for 2 years after lobbying; 6 years for corporate lobbyists. Public, written waivers where such hiring is in the national interest are allowed for non-corporate lobbyists only.
  • Prohibit corporate outlaws like Google, Tesla, Facebook, Linkedin, Netflix, Sony, etc., from working in government by banning the hiring of top corporate leaders whose companies were caught breaking federal law in the last 6 years.
  • Prohibit contractor corruption by blocking federal contractor and licensee employees from working at the agency awarding the contract or license for 4 years.
  • Ban “Golden Parachutes” that provide corporate bonuses to executives for federal service.
  • Publicly expose all influence-peddling in Washington.
  • Strengthen and expand the federal definition of a “lobbyist” to include all individuals paid to influence government.
  • Create a new “corporate lobbyist” definition to identify individuals paid to influence government on behalf of for- profit entities and their front-groups.
  • Radically expand disclosure of lobbyist activities and influence campaigns by requiring all lobbyists to disclose any specific bills, policies, and government actions they attempt to influence; any meetings with public officials; and any documents they provide to those officials.
  • End Influence-Peddling by Foreign Actors such as that which occurred in the ENER1, Severstal, Solyndra and related scandals.
  • Fire the Fed officials that own, trade and pump stocks using the Fed itself for profiteering.
  • The most senior officials in the U.S. Government are the worshipers of Elon Musk, investor’s in Elon Musk’s companies and suppliers, deciders of the financing for Elon Musk, suppliers of staffing to Elon Musk, recipients of political campaign financing by Elon Musk and Musk’s covert Google And Facebook partnership, social friends of Elon Musk and the attackers of Elon Musk’s competitors. Make this a felony.
  • Combat foreign influence in Washington by banning all foreign lobbying.
  • End foreign lobbying by Americans by banning American lobbyists from accepting money from foreign governments, foreign individuals, and foreign  companies to influence United States public policy.
  • Prohibit current lobbyists from taking government jobs for 2 years after lobbying; 6 years for corporate lobbyists. Public, written waivers where such hiring is in the national interest are allowed for non-corporate lobbyists only.
  • End Legalized Lobbyist Bribery and stop lobbyists from trading money for government favors.
  • Ban direct political donations from lobbyists to candidates or Members of Congress.
  • End lobbyist contingency fees that allow lobbyists to be paid for a guaranteed policy outcome.
  • End lobbyist gifts to the executive and legislative branch officials they lobby.
  • Strengthen Congressional independence from lobbyists and end Washington’s dependence on
    lobbyists for “expertise” and information.
  • Make congressional service sustainable by transitioning Congressional staff to competitive salaries that track other federal employees.
  • Reinstate the nonpartisan Congressional Office of Technology Assessment to provide critical scientific and technological support to Members of Congress.
  • Level the playing field between corporate lobbyists and government by taxing excessive lobbying beginning at $500,000 in annual lobbying expenditures, and use the proceeds to help finance Congressional mandated rule-making, fund the National Public Advocate, and finance Congressional support agencies.
  • De-politicize the rulemaking process and increase transparency of industry efforts to influence federal agencies.
  • Require individuals and corporations to disclose funding or editorial conflicts of interest in research submitted to agencies that is not publicly available in peer-reviewed publications.
  • Prevent McKinsey-type sham research from undermining the public interest by requiring that studies that present conflicts of interest to undergo independent peer review to be considered in the rule-making process.
  • Require agencies to justify withdrawn public interest rules via public, written explanations.
  • Close loopholes exploited by powerful corporations like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix, Sony, etc., to block public interest actions.
  • Eliminate loopholes that allow corporations, like Tesla and Google, to tilt the rules in their favor and against the public interest.
  • Restrict negotiated rule-making to stop industry from delaying or dominating the rule-making process by ending the practice of inviting industry to negotiate rules they have to follow.
  • Restrict inter-agency review as a tool for corporate abuse by  banning informal review, establishing a maximum 45-day review period, and blocking closed -door industry lobbying at the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.
  • Limit abusive injunctions from rogue judges, like Jackson, et al, by ensuring that only Appeals Courts, not individual District Court judges , can temporarily block agencies from implementing final rules.
  • Prevent hostile agencies from sham delays of implementation and enforcement by using the presence of litigation to postpone  the implementation of final rules.
  • Empower the public to police agencies for corporate capture.
  • Increase the ability of the public to make sure their interests are considered when agencies act.
  • Create a new Office of the Public Advocate  empowered to assist the public in meaningfully engaging in the rule-making process across the federal government.
  • Encourage enforcement by allowing private lawsuits from members of the public to hold agencies accountable for failing to complete rules or enforce the law, and to hold corporations accountable for breaking the rules.
  • Inoculate government agencies against corporate capture such as Google undertook against the White House.
  • Provide agencies with the tools and resources to implement strong rules that reflect the will of Congress and protect the public.
  • Boost agency resources to level the playing field between corporate lobbyists and federal agencies by using the proceeds of the tax on excessive lobbying and the anti-corruption penalty fees to help finance Congress-mandated rule-making and facilitate decisions by agencies that are buried in an avalanche of lobbyist activity.
  • Reform judicial review to prevent corporations from gaming the courts by requiring courts to presumptively defer to agency interpretations of laws and prohibiting courts from considering sham McKinsey studies and research excluded by agencies from the rule-making process.
  • Reverse the Congressional Review Act provision banning related rules that prevent agencies from implementing the will of Congress based on Congress’ prior disapproval of a different, narrow rule on a similar topic.
  • Improve judicial integrity and defend access to justice for all Americans.
  • Strengthen Judicial Ethics Requirements.
  • Enhance the integrity of the judicial branch by strengthening rules that prevent conflicts of interest.
  • Ban individual stock ownership by federal judges.
  • Expand rules prohibiting judges from accepting gifts or payments to attend private seminars from private individuals and corporations.
  • Require ethical behavior by the Supreme Court by directing the Court to follow the Code of Conduct that binds all other federal judges.
  • Boost the transparency of Federal Courts.
  • Enhance public insight into the judicial process by increasing information about the process and reducing barriers to accessing information.
  • Increase disclosure of non-judicial activity by federal judges by requiring the Judicial Conference to publicly post judges’ financial reports, recusal decisions, and speeches.
  • Enhance public access to court activity by mandating that federal appellate courts live-stream, on the web, audio of their proceedings, making case information easily-accessible to the public free of charge, and requiring federal courts to share case assignment data in bulk.
  • Eliminate barriers that restrict access to justice to all but the wealthiest individuals and companies.
  • Reduce barriers that prevent individuals from having their case heard in court by restoring pleading standards that make it easier for individuals and businesses that have been harmed to make their case before a judge.
  • Encourage diversity on the Federal Bench.
  • Strengthen the integrity of the judicial branch by increasing the focus on personal and professional diversity of the federal bench.
  • Create a single, new, and independent agency dedicated to enforcing federal ethics and anti-corruption laws.
  • Support stronger ethics and public integrity laws with stronger enforcement.
  • Establish the new, independent U.S. Office of Public Integrity, which will strengthen federal ethics enforcement with new investigative and disciplinary powers.
  • Investigate potential violations by any individual or entity, including individuals and companies with new subpoena authority.
  • Enforce the nation’s ethics laws by ordering corrective action, levying civil and administrative penalties, and referring egregious violations to the Justice Department for criminal arrest and enforcement.
  • Receive and investigate ethics complaints from members of the public.
  • Absorb the U.S. Office of Government Ethics as a new Government Ethics Division tasked with providing confidential advice to federal employees seeking ethics guidance.
  • Consolidate anti-corruption and public integrity oversight over federal officials, including oversight of all agency Inspectors General, all ethics matters for White House staff and agency heads, and all waivers and recusals by senior government officials.
  • Remain independent and protected from partisan politics through a single Director operating under strict selection, appointment, and removal criteria.
  • Provide easy online access to key government ethics and transparency documents, including financial disclosures; lobbyist registrations; lobbyist disclosures of meetings and materials; and all ethics records, recusals, and waivers.
  • Maintain a new government-wide Office of the Public Advocate, which would advocate for the public interest in executive branch rule-making.
  • Enforce federal open records and FOIA requirements by maintaining the central FOIA website and working with the National Archives to require agencies to comply with FOIA.
  • Strengthen legislative branch enforcement.
  • Expand an independent and empowered ethics office insulated from congressional politics.
  • Expand and empower the U.S. Office of Congressional Ethics, which will enforce the nation’s ethics laws in the Congress  and the entire Legislative Branch, including the U.S. Senate.
  • Conduct investigations of potential violations of ethics laws and rules by Members of Congress and staff with new subpoena power.
  • Refer criminal and civil violations to the Justice Department, the Office of Public Integrity, or other relevant state or federal law enforcement.
  • Recommend disciplinary and corrective action to the House and Senate Ethics Committees.
  • Boost transparency in government and fix Federal Open Records laws, public official and candidate tax disclosure.
  • Disclose basic tax return information for candidates for federal elected office and current elected officials.
  • Require the IRS to release tax returns for Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates from the previous 8 years and during each year in federal elected office.
  • Require the IRS to release t ax returns for Congressional candidates from the previous 2 years and during each year in federal elected office.
  • Require the IRS to release tax returns and other financial information of businesses owned by senior federal officials and candidates for federal office.
  • Require the IRS to release tax filings for nonprofit organizations run by candidates for federal office.
  • Disclose the Cash behind Washington Advocacy and Lobbying.
  • Prevent special interests from using secret donations from corporations and billionaires to influence public policy  without disclosure.
  • Require nonprofit organizations to list donors who bankrolled the production of any specific rule-making comment, congressional testimony, or lobbying material, and to reveal whether the donors reviewed or edited the document.
  • Require individuals and corporations to disclose funding or editorial conflicts of interest in research submitted to agencies that is not publicly available in peer-reviewed publications.
  • Prevent sham research, like that from DNC shill McKinsey Consulting, from undermining the public interest by requiring that studies that present conflicts of interest to independent peer review to be considered in the rule-making process.
  • Improve the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
  • Close the loopholes in our open records laws that allow federal officials to hide tech industry and Silicon Valley oligarch industry influence.
  • Codify the default presumption of disclosure and affirmatively disclose records of public interest, including meeting agendas; government contracts; salaries; staff diversity; and reports to Congress.
  • Require all agencies to use a central FOIA website that is searchable and has downloadable open records databases with  all open FOIA requests and all records disclosed through FOIA.
  • Strengthen FOIA enforcement by limiting FOIA exemptions and loopholes, and by giving the National Archives the authority to overrule agency FOIA decisions and to compel disclosure.
  • Extend FOIA to private-sector federal contractors, including private federal prisons and immigration detention centers, and require large federal contractors to disclose political spending.
  • Make Congress more transparent by ending the corporate lobbyists leg up in the legislative process. The public deserves to know what Congress is up to and how lobbyists influence legislation.
  • Require all congressional committees to immediately post online more information, including hearings and markup schedules, bill or amendments text, testimonies, documents entered into the hearing record, hearing transcripts, written witness answers, and hearing audio and video recordings.
  • Require Members of Congress to post a link to their searchable voting record on their official websites.
  • Require lobbyists to disclose when they lobby a specific congressional office; specific topics of visit; the official action being requested; and all documents provided to the office during the visit.

Do these seem like common-sense rules that should have already been in place? They are!

These anti-corruption rules have been blocked by your own public officials because they work for themselves and not you!

News And Reports:

Report: Over 131 Federal Judges Broke The Law by Hearing Cases Where They Had A Financial Interest


71 Members of Congress Caught Violating Law on Stock Trades

congressional stock report lobbying federal government 4×3 … $200 is the standard amount — or waived by House or Senate ethics officials.


Why Members of Congress Should Not Trade Stocks – Bloomberg Law

Insider trading is a felony, but it is also difficult to prove. In 2012 Congress passed the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act (STOCK …


Should Members of Congress Be Banned from Trading Stocks?

They’re also the ones in charge of creating federal policy. The STOCK Act prohibits members of Congress from buying or selling stock on the …


Members of Congress increasingly receptive to stock trading ban

Members of Congress may soon be barred from trading stocks while in office as bipartisan support for a stock trading ban continues to grow.


Lawmakers can trade stocks, but many push for change – NY1

The bill itself does not ban members of Congress from trading stocks, but requires certain government officials – like lawmakers, the president …


Members of Congress Should Not be Trading Stocks, Ever

It has been a decade since Congress last made a significant effort at policing itself in this area. The Stock Act of 2012, among other measures, …


The Bill That Congress Might Be Embarrassed Enough to Pass

Yet the supporters of a ban on lawmaker stock trading still have a ways to go. Public support for a bill can mask broader private opposition, …


Congress moves to ban stock trading by members as Pelosi … – CNBC

After months of resistance, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has greenlighted a plan to ban members of Congress fromtrading stock, CNBC confirmed …


Places Where You Can Research Ant-Corruption Tools:


Judicial Watch


The Big Green Con –– About the Green Corruption Files






A typical search on the non-Google-controlled web reveals the following dark deeds that the public has charged The Google Cartel with a cut-and-pasted, below:


Check back; these files are updated daily by investigators.  See the evidence back-up behind the topics at: ( http://www.federal-report.com )  and a vast number of other self-propagating evidence mirrors around the globe…

GOOGLE’S COMPUTERS WILL KILL YOU IF YOU TRY TO SHUT THEM OFF: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10907853/Google-engineer-claims-new-AI-robot-FEELINGS-Blake-Lemoine-says-LaMDA-device-sentient.html

Google will pay $118M to settle gender discrimination lawsuit with more than 15,000 female staff after paying them $17,000 less than men in similar roles

SEE THE TRUTH ABOUT GOOGLE:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haaxr3Z8MJs&feature=em-uploademail

“Google is a sick corrupt criminal business run by sex trafficking perverts and sociopaths…” Say GOOGLE’S own inside employees, Divorce Court records of Google executives, 70+ State & Federal investigations and major news outlets.

– Google spies on competitors and steals their technology
– Google – Alphabet – YouTube stock is owned by almost all of the California politicians and their families and that is why Google – Alphabet – YouTube is never regulated and always protected by them for their political and profiteering manipulations
– Google runs tens of millions of dollars of defamation attacks against competitors
– Google hides all media and news coverage for competitors of Larry Page’s boyfriend: Elon Musk
– Google lies to the public about what they really do with the public’s data
– Google promotes illegal immigration in order to get cheap labor and control votes
– Google runs VC funding back-lists against start-ups that are competitive
– Google bribes thousands of politicians
– Google is a criminal RICO-violating monopoly
– Google rigs the stock market with Flash-boy, Pump/Dump and Microblast SEC violating computer tricks
– Google pays bribes to politicians in Google and YouTube stock
– Google manipulates who gets to see what web-sites, globally, for competitor black-lists
– Google has a “no poaching” Silicon Valley jobs blacklist
– Google bosses sexually abuse women and young boys
– Google bosses run sex trafficking operations in the Epstein and NXVIUM cults
– Google bosses control the NVCA financing cartel over start-ups
– Google has placed the majority of the corporate staff in at least one White House
– Google controls national elections for anti-competitive purposes
– The company “Polyhop“, in the HOUSE OF CARDS tv show, does all the crimes that Google actually does in reality
– Google’s law firms, like Wilson Sonsini, are corrupt conduits for payola and political conduit-relays
– Google bribes some politicians with revolving door jobs
– Google is primarily responsible for destroying the Bay Area Housing opportunities
– Google runs DDoS attacks on competitors by massively crawling their sites
– Google boss Andy Rubin runs a sex slave farm according to his own family
– Google boss Eric Schmidt was a philandering sex-penthouse owner according to vast news articles
– Google executives hire so many hookers that one of them, Mr. Hayes, was killed by his hooker
– Google executives sexually abuse so many women that the women staff of Google walked out one day
– In the 2009 White House, you could not swing a cat without hitting a Google insider
– Google has paid covert bribes, PAC funds, real estate and search rigging payola to every CA Senator
– Google has paid bribes, through its lobby fronts, to halt FBI, SEC, FEC and FTC investigations of Google crimes
– Google was funded by the CIA, via In-Q-Tel, a so called “501 c3 charity” which was caught with tons of cocaine
– Google gets millions of dollars of taxpayer cash for spying on Americans inside the USA
– Google’s map service was a spy system paid for by taxpayers money that Google now profits off of
– Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have promised to “protect” Google because their families profit off Google stocks
– Payment receipts prove that Google and Gawker/Gizmodo exchanged cash and staff for Character Assassination attacks
– Google VC’s and bosses have spent $30M+ rigging the U.S. Patent Office to protect Google and harm Google competitors
– Google bribed it’s lawyer into position as head of the U.S. Patent office in order to have her protect Google
– To rig insider stock trades, Google hides negative Tesla stories and pumps positive Tesla stories on “push days”
– Google and Elon Musk Co-own, co-invest and co-market stocks covertly while running anti-trust schemes
– Google rarely likes, or hires, black employees per federal and news media investigations
– Google hired most of the Washington, DC K Street lobby firms and told them to “do what ever they could”
– The film: “Miss Sloane” depicts only 2% of the illicit lobbying tactics Google employs daily
– Demands for an FTC and FBI raid of Google, for criminal activity, securities law and election felonies have been filed
– Google’s David Drummond had his Woodside, CA Quail Road house bugged revealing sex and financial misdeeds
Google, and it’s Cartel (Alphabet, Youtube, and hundreds of other shell-company facades) are a criminal organization engaged in felony-class crimes. Google’s bosses bribe politicians, regulators and law enforcement officials to hold off prosecution.

At Google: Kent Walker, Andy Rubin, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Sergy Brin, Jared Cohen, Yasmin Green, David Drummond and Ian Fette are so enmeshed in sex scandals, election manipulation, and White House bribes that it is hard to comprehend how they can get any legitimate work done.

Between all of the sex cult activity; hookers; rent boys; political bribes to Pelosi, Harris, Newson, and Feinstein; DDoS attacks they run; CIA and NSA stealth deals; privacy harvesting; Scientology-like employee indoctrination; cheap Asian labor; covert Axciom scams and other illicit things they get up to; one just has to wonder.

Some of the largest political bribes in American or European history were paid via billions of dollars of pre-IPO cleantech stock, insider trading, real estate, Google search engine rigging and shadow-banning, sex workers, revolving door jobs, nepotism, state-supported black-listing of competitors and under-the-table cash. Why are these Silicon Valley Oligarchs and their K-Street law firms and lobbyists immune from the law?

U.S. Senators, Agency Heads and Congress are bribed by Google intermediaries with: Billions of dollars of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Sony Pictures stock and stock warrants which is never reported to the FEC; Billions of dollars of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix and Sony Pictures search engine rigging and shadow-banning which is never reported to the FEC; Free rent; Male and female prostitutes; Cars; Dinners; Party Financing; Sports Event Tickets; Political campaign printing and mailing services “Donations”; Secret PAC Financing; Jobs in Corporations in Silicon Valley For The Family Members of Those Who Take Bribes And Those Who Take Bribes; “Consulting” contracts from McKinsey as fronted pay-off gigs; Overpriced “Speaking Engagements” which are really just pay-offs conduited for donors; Private jet rides and use of Government fuel depots (ie: Google handed out NASA jet fuel to staff); Real Estate; Fake mortgages; The use of Cayman, Boca Des Tores, Swiss and related money-laundering accounts; The use of HSBC, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Deustche Bank money laundering accounts and covert stock accounts; Free spam and bulk mailing services owned by Silicon Valley corporations; Use of high tech law firms such as Perkins Coie, Wilson Sonsini, MoFo, Covington & Burling, etc. to conduit bribes to officials; and other means now documented by us, The FBI, the FTC, The SEC, The FEC and journalists.

Google and Youtube are based on technology and business models that Google and YouTube stole from small inventors who had launched other companies that were up and operating before YouTube or Google even existed as business operations.

Google holds the record for the largest number of corporate sex scandals, abuses and sex trafficking charges.

There are only two kinds of people that work at Google: 1.) Cult indoctrinated naive kids with odd sexual quirks and 2.) divisive managers and executives who seek to exploit those eco-chambered employees for nefarious political and stock market manipulation purposes under the Scientology-like guise of “doing good things”, when, in fact, they are engaged in horrific crimes against society.

Google has hired almost every technology law firm in order to “conflict them out” from ever working to sue Google. If Google rapes you, robs your patents or does anything awful, you won’t be able to find a lawyer to help you.

Most Google executives in control of Google have been indoctrinated by family dynasties to believe that any crime is justified by a bigger cause. Most of those executives are men. The few women in control of departments are figure-heads.

Google bosses attend the same parties and business meetings in which they collude, co-lobby, rig markets and make anti-trust violating plans together.

Google is a private government with more money and power than most smaller nations. Google has more lobbyists bribing more politicians than any other company in America.

Jared Cohen and fashion show-horse Yasmin Green at Google had the job of over-throwing countries in the Middle East. They openly bragged about it. ( https://truthstreammedia.com/2013/06/02/googles-regime-change-agent-jared-cohen/ )

People that work at Google get paid $260,000.00+ per year to lie, spy, manipulate politics, bribe politicians and engage in other crimes. For that kind of money, a person will doing ANYTHING and rationalize it as “part of the higher cause”.

The Project X investigation team is publicly quoted as stating: “…give the same number of lawyers as Google has, with the same level of skills and experience, the same discovery budget, legal expenses budget and expert witness budget, we ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that we can put Google staff and investors in federal prison and close Google, in bankruptcy…the Google Cartel has engaged in that much criminal activity…”

“Google is the largest financier of the Obama political campaign and exceeded FEC campaign spending limits by tens of billions of dollars. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

Google is the largest staffing source of the Obama Administration. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

The largest number of laws and policy decisions, benefiting a single company and it’s investors, went to: Google. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

Google, and it’s investor’s are the single largest beneficiary of the Obama Administration. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

The Obama Administration only won the White House because Google and Facebook engaged in the largest digital media and search engine manipulation in human history. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing.

Google, and it’s investors, during the Obama Administration, had most of their competitors denied funding, grants, contracts and tax waivers while Google’s investors GOT funding. We can prove this in a jury trial, a Grand Jury hearing and a live Congressional hearing and prove that Google coordinated anti-trust violations with senior Obama Administration White House staff….”

Google operates it’s staffing like a Scientology cult. They  control their employees lives, information, transportation, free time, entertainment and social life. A Google life is a glass-bubble of echo-chamber extremist, hyper-sex-kink, reinforcement.

AAA ASSHOLES OF GOOGLE –  Schmidt new investment firm deepens ties to military…

Google Deletes Videos Accusing It of Election Manipulation from YouTube… Which It Owns (thefreethoughtproject.com)

With All These Big Tech Revelations, This Proves The 2018 Midterms Were Stolen. Devastating Project Veritas report sheds light on Google’s collusion with Democrats. (archive.fo)

GOOGLE EXECS PANIC! Go Into Hiding – Delete Social Media Accounts After James O’Keefe’s Latest Exposé (thegatewaypundit.com)

White House Slams Google As Veritas Censorship Controversy Escalates (bitchute.com)

Google’s NSA Again Exposed For Unauthorized Collection Of Americans’ Phone Records (zerohedge.com)

What exactly is google’s business model besides selling ads no one clicks on and selling people’s data to the NSA? (AskVoat)

So the “russian hackers” meddling in the election was Google all along. Why isn’t this the biggest story in America right now? None of the “trusted” news sources have commented on this at all. (politics)

Google stealthily infuses political agenda into products to prevent Trump reelection, insiders, documents say. (theepochtimes.com)

Google Chrome is Tracking Your Every Move and Storing It, This is How to Stop It (thefreethoughtproject.com)

Google Chrome Has Become Surveillance Software, It’s Time to Switch | (archive.fo)

Project Veritas has been lifting back the veil covering big tech companies and their nefarious activities following the 2016 election. They tried to play left-leaning-but-mostly-fair before the 2016 election, believing in their hearts that Hillary Clinton would be President without their concerted meddling. That didn’t work out for them, so they are trying to prevent “another Trump situation” in 2020 by unabashedly purging, silencing, and censoring conservatives on platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

(Article by Michio Hasai republished from NOQReport.com)

The answers delivered today before Congress in response to questions by Representative Dan Crenshaw weren’t the standard denials. They were politically manipulative answers designed to make it known they’re doing what we’ve said they were doing all along, but they feel justified in doing it because “hate speech” must be stopped at all costs. Of course, what constitutes hate speech to the social justice warriors in big tech invariably circles around conservative thought. There is no form of hate speech short of physical threats that can be attributed to progressives, at least not in the minds of the people who control big tech. If conservatives are aggressive, they’re delivering hate speech. If progressives are aggressive, they’re just being truthful. That’s what big tech thinks.

This is the worst-case scenario for conservatives. Before, we could call them liars and cheats. Now, we have to fight them on an ideological level, and while we have the truth on our side, they have the technology. They have the eyeballs. They control what people see and don’t see. And as such, they can no longer be trusted to deliver anything even remotely close to fair and balanced. They’re unhinged from reality, but instead of coming back to reality once exposed, they’re building a new reality around their ideologies.

Russia may arrest Google employees for running Google as a manipulative service containing hidden political insertions affecting the human subconscious


  • Russian government will now arrest those who try to ‘control minds’ via mass web manipulation
  • The entire Russian government and spy agency system has confirmed that Google’s technology can control your mid and your vote and this case proves it.
  • Even if you don’t understand how it works, here is proof that political mid control DOES WORK based on billions of dollars of KGB research
  • Google was created to push liberal leftist political messages on the subconscious
  • Research exposes Google as insidious mind-control political shill
  • No matter your political persuasion, it is unfair and manipulative for Google to control minds ANY political purposes

A Russian journalist has been accused of ‘controlling minds’ and ‘affecting the human subconscious’ after referencing George Orwell’s 1984 in an article. 

Mikhail Romanov, a reporter for the Yakutsk Vecherniy weekly, was writing a story on the alleged torture of an academic. 

Police in Russia‘s republic of Sakha charged Romanov after they suspected him of trying to tap into the readers’ sub-conscience, Russian newspaper Kommersant reported. 

A Russian journalist has been accused of ‘controlling minds’ and ‘affecting the human subconscious’ after referencing George Orwell’s 1984 (pictured) in an article

Romanov’s editor told the publication: ‘This is a story about how anyone can be squashed by the government machine. 

‘It’s also about how Big Brother is watching, reading all comments on online forums.’

This is understood to be the first time a journalist will be tried under Russia’s new legislation punishing those who are perceived to have published information ‘containing hidden insertions affecting the human subconscious. ‘ 

The case has been forwarded to a Yakutsk city court….

Jigsaw: Google’s Private Intelligence Agency – Technocracy News

They are a known NSA subcontractor. They launched Google Earth using a CIA spy satellite network. Their executive suite’s revolving door with DARPA is well known. In the wake of the January 6th Capitol event, the FBI used Google location data to pwn attendants with nothing more than a valid Gmail address and smartphone login:

Five takeaways from antitrust lawsuit against Google

Google has a search monopoly, the lawsuit asserts, because it has 88 percent of the search market in the United States. According to the complaint, there are only three other search providers worth…

How the CIA made Google – Productivity Hub

A new crowd-funded investigative journalism project, breaks the exclusive story of how the United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed-funded by the NSA and CIA, Google was merely the first among a plethora of private sector start-ups co …

Google’s Earth: how the tech giant is helping the state spy on us

As it turns out, the same platforms and services that Google deploys to monitor people’s lives and grab their data could be put to use running huge swaths of the US government, including the…

‘Operation Mincemeat’ true story explained: Fact vs. fiction – Los …

The idea, a notable example of tactical deception, was to trick Hitler into moving his forces so the Allies could regain control of Europe. It was dubbed Operation Mincemeat — a tongue-in-cheek…

Apple and Google Execs met in English mansion to secretly discuss …

The three day conference was attended by spy chiefs from the CIA, GCHQ, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Sweden and was chaired by former British MI6 spy chief Sir John Scarlett.Alongside …

Everything you need to know about PRISM | The Verge

There’s a lot we still don’t know about how PRISM works, but the basic idea is that it allows the NSA to request data on specific people from major technology companies like Google, Yahoo …

Could Google manipulate elections? – BBC News

With its virtual monopoly on search, Google has the power to flip the outcomes of close elections easily – and without anyone knowing. Over time, they could change the face of parliaments and…

How Google’s Search Rankings Could Manipulate Elections and End …

That’s right, we deliberately manipulated the voting preferences of more than 2,000 real voters in the largest democratic election in the history of the world, easily pushing the preferences of…

More Proof That Google Is Manipulating Our Elections

Another piece of evidence that Google (along with other social media giants like Facebook) is more of a threat to our election process here in the United States than the Russians could ever be has surfaced courtesy of Project Veritas. This should piss everyone off.

Liberal Professor Warns: Google Manipulating Voters ‘on a … – AMAC

Dr. Robert Epstein told Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Tuesday that Google can manipulate votes by using tools that they have at their disposal exclusively, and that no one can counteract them.

Why the Bogus Study About Google Manipulating Votes Is a Powerful …

Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election! This was put out by a Clinton supporter, not a Trump Supporter! Google should be sued. My victory was…

Dr. Robert Epstein on Google’s ability to affect the outcome of elections

EPSTEIN: If Google’s search results for any reason, are biased to favor one candidate or one party for any reason; that will shift a lot of opinions about that candidate, and that will shift a lot…

Is Google manipulating search results to promote a social justice …

according to an explosive exposé rele ased today by james o’keefe at project veritas that includes an interview with an anonymous google employee/whistle-blower those search results presented above…

Google Removes Autofill Results Related To Elections And Voting …

Google announced its search engine will no longer suggest searches related to elections or political candidates. The change does not affect actual results, Google said in a Thursday blog post.

Google: Here Are Some Ideas Android Is Accused of Stealing, According …

Tech Google Stole These Ideas To Make Android A Success, According To Patent Lawsuits Matt Rosoff Mar 25, 2011, 7:08 AM Flickr/holisticmonkey Google’s Android operating system is now involved in 37…

Is Google stealing ideas based on tracking the most searched … – Quora

Now to answer your question: Theoretically, yes google can steal your idea. Practically, I don’t think Google would ever do that. You remember google’s tagline? ‘Don’t be evil’ … (more) Owen Miller Founder of the Non-Human Party Author has 2.6K answers and 3.6M answer views 6 y

Is there a risk that Google will steal the ideas and intellectual …

Can Google steal your ideas? No. Because “steal” There are nearly 7,000,000,000 people. That’s 7 with a B. The notion that an idea is original is false. It’s less likely that being struck by lightening, while being bitten by a shark, while playing croquet. Can [any company or person] do something with ideas? Yes. And they will.
To win the other half of the battle, you need to understand what are big companies bad at — moving and iterating quickly, being aggressive and making decisions. They hold meetings, looooooong…

Does gmail’s TOS allow Google to steal your emailed ideas?

Now, it is doubtful Google would read your e-mail for the sake of stealing a business idea. Most of their applications (knowledge of them) seem to scour your e-mail for targeted marketing purposes. If you take the time to wonder at how many e-mails Google processes in a day, it would be an enormous fishing expedition to find that ONE e-mail out …

How Google Searches May Allow Others to Steal your Idea

How Google Searches May Allow Others to Steal your Idea There are some risks to conducting Google patent searches online, one of them being that certain marketing companies track and monitor keyword searches, potentially allowing an employee to steal your idea without you ever knowing how this came about. Watch my video for the full story!

google partner? all they do is steal people’s ideas and take credit 4 …

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What if Google+ stole my idea? Can I do anything about it? Should I?

Even if Google has filed a patent on this idea, you may still be able to get a patent if you can show your idea predates theirs. However, if Google has already been granted a patent, you might not be able to prevent them from using your idea. You may also be able to register a trademark Circles.

Yes, Google “Stole” From Apple, And That’s A Good Thing

Did Google “steal from iOS?” It depends what you mean by “steal.” If we define “steal” narrowly, the answer is almost certainly “no.” There haven’t been any allegations, for example, that Google…

Genius sues Google over allegedly stolen song lyrics – The Verge

The complaint, filed in Brooklyn, New York, on December 3rd, says that Google’s behavior not only violates its terms of service agreement, but it profits off of the “ten years and tens of millions…



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