(GLOBAL SOLUTIONS – HOUSING) An Affordable Housing Solution Idea…

Here is another idea:


Each project lead family will only take a salary of $400.00 per month.

The investors will have their lawyer form a 501c3 non-profit community fund, or a Nevada or Delaware Corp or a community trust, depending on how much federal funding they wish to acquire. Trusts and 501’s, these days, actually protect the investor’s more and have access to tens of billions of dollars of government funds that, today, don’t have enough applicant-developers.

We will develop 5 house designs that any skilled home-owner can build themselves. As each design meets our internal criteria, it will move to ‘for sale’ status via existing distributors and assembler suppliers. We already have suppliers for all of the potential designs.

The design rule will be that any of us, plus 3 friends, can erect the entire home, ourselves, within 2 weeks, or less, with only 3 days, or less, of a contract plumber and electrician for final hook-ups. The goal will always be: ‘From empty land to move-in ready in 3 weeks, or less, for $200K, or less.’

We will use ‘value engineering’, ie: engineering backwards from the $200,000.00 figure.

All of the marvelous other high-tech green zero net-energy building companies always end up with homes that cost the owner an average of $3M dollars to build. We won’t let that happen here because we will be breaking some ‘rules’.

We have offered Discovery Channel, Pella Windows, Westinghouse, et al, who I have worked with before on similar projects, an option for a reality TV documentary about how we do it (worth millions in free marketing).

Each family will get a $1.00 lease on the first demo showcase home and land for 30 years (the family will live in it to prove the concept), after which the house will be returned to the investors to sell. Each demo home will use the parameters of a typical customer from among a 20 Million+ customer base validated by HUD. USDA is willing to help develop zero down payment plans for our customers.

For Example, This home:

homes-direct-Casa De Ceilo

is $65,000.00

It has these details:

It will cost $100,000.00 to deliver and hook-it up in California if you don’t make a single change and follow all of the “rules”. Once it is set-up in San Francisco you can sell it for $1,800,000.00

So you can buy it and install it for $165,000.00 or buy it installed for $1,800,000.00

Which is a better value? You decide!




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