Community Service Programs

For decades, Scott has donated a percentage of his time and income to the community, each and every year!

Scott, and his team, have launched, produced, promoted, testified for, investigated for, provided under-cover operations for, provided Grand Jury support for and operationally supported a number of lawsuits and investigations that benefit the public by exposing, terminating, indicting and/or arresting corrupt persons and organizations that harm Democracy and/or threaten public safety. They never wanted to do that. They were forced to do it when the Justice System was broken.


While there are good guy “Elliot Ness” type people (our buddies) that work at each government agency…

..there are also some evil scumbag people who are inside those agencies only to protect corrupt Senators and dirty insiders by stalling investigations and warning the investment banker husband’s of those Senators when to dump stocks. These dirty insiders are the ones who have kept Congress from doing a single thing about Google, Facebook, Instagram and Tesla’s safety defects, social abuses and lies, even though Congress has had a zillion hearings decrying the corruption of those companies. Those aides work for California Senators who OWN Google, Facebook, Instagram and Tesla and protect them from regulation. Those Senators are the deepest scum at the bottom of the swamp. Millions of our kids have been damaged and killed by Google, Facebook, Instagram and Tesla but do those Senators care? NO! Greed overcomes public need, in their power-warped old minds!

We hunt those dirty scumbags down with the help of the “Elliot Ness” good guy folks at the agencies. We hunt down the Silicon Valley socioptath oligarchs that finance those scumbag politicians. It’s better to burn them all at once. The stink goes away faster when you fry them in groups.

So: One part of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc.. helps us, one part harms us and the main part don’t care either way but they, generally, default to the Elliot Ness side of things with the ‘Good Guys’. We all know that 1.) the head of the FBI, 2.) the Attorney General of the ENTIRE UNITED STATES, 3.) The Attorney General of the State Of New York and many, many other “big guns” got kicked to the curb for corruption, sex trafficking etc. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Teflon suits no longer exist for public officials (thanks internet..). Even better, with artifical intelligence-based forensic crime software, everybody can now ‘follow the money’ of these crooks and their family insider trading payola bribes. With just the push of a button, literally anyone, can now track all of Hunter Biden’s hooker payments, Uranum One insider schemes, Trump real estate links or Putin mansion furniture purchases. ( ie: ICIJ, Follow-The-Money site, Open-The-Books site, Sunlight Foundation database, Propublica and thousands of other transparency groups )

The Cartel-type “enterprise” that our favorite crooks participate in, puts them in violation of racketeering laws like RICO and market laws related to anti-trust. They have an exclusive set of law firms (Perkins; Wilson, Mofo, Brobeck) that they use; an exclusive set of CPA’s (Mossack Fonseca & Co and all the ones that ICIJ now have the files of ); a certain set of lobbyist consigliores (Podesta, Plouffe, Carney, etc.), a controlled investment group (Kleiner, NVCA, Goldman, etc.);  a certain set of global media monopolies; and government aides that they pay bribes too. They even brag about their organization being “organized like the Mafia.. ” in their Outlook PST files that the Russians and China state hackers leaked all over the planet. So that’s bad for the bad guys. Leaks are killing their operations. For example, Elon Musk hired a big bunch of these folks from the CIA’s In-Q-Tel operation to work on Musk’s political dirty tricks squad but some of them turned out to be spying on Musk and leaked his stuff about Musk’s own dirty tricks squad. John Doerr’s offices were physically (ask the Palo Alto Police to see the Kleiner Perkins break-in reports) and electronically broken into by multiple, supposedly, state sponsored spies. In-Q-Tel’s spy office (who we sued for dirty tricks attacks – a felony because they are government funded ) was walking distance away on Sand Hill Road. Tom Perkins, one of his partners, Gary D. Conley and Rajeev Motwani became covert witnesses against him. Doerr got caught bribing Stanford and part of his emails have been dumped on the web. Doerr wakes up every morning wondering when all of his secrets on Obama will show up on Wikileaks. The dirty tricks goons have been getting their tricks used against them and the FBI, FINCEN, Interpol, The IRS and others are homing in on them.  That means: If Assange gets out of Jail, John Doerr may go into jail…Fun!

The mobsters of Washington DC and Silicon Valley should not have created such a tight little ‘family’ of operatives. That makes them “Racketeers”. They really suck at being mobsters, too. They have so many Jeffery Epstein’s and Eric Lander’s that they just keep shooting themselves in the foot. They were also too dumb to not realize that all of their phones, voicemails, texts and computers have been bugged since Sept. 12, 2001.

When you ask The Office Of The Special Counsel or OGE or DOJ or most of the federal law people why they don’t arrest these massively overt criminals in public offices you get answers ranging from:

“Well, they are our friends..” to “Well, they got me my job here..” to “Some other agency is supposed to arrest them.. that’s not in our job description…” to  “ We will take it under advisement…” to “Write some Inspector General (Who will never, ever do anything because they own stock in Big Tech)..” to “ Well, those politicians made a special law so it’s not illegal for them but it is a felony for everybody else...” To “What will Goldman Sachs say about that…?to ” Well, she is a very powerful Senator and can make my life a living hell if she gets pissed off..” to “That Senator can get my SSA cut off, I’m not messing with her..” to every other manner of distraction, hand-waving, deferal and stonewalling…

We have over 400 government agency responses finger-pointing to another agency in an endless merri-go-round of obsfucaton. All of this corruption is because government officials, and their families, are allowed to own stock and that is how all modern bribes are paid. If you want to work in government: YOU AND YOUR CRONY’S DON’T GET TO OWN ANY STOCK!

During the course of our cases, the head federal whistle-blower agency bosses QUIT because they were being prevented from helping whistle-blowers by insider stone-walling operatives.

Related cases include:

According to the way the law works, The Department of Justice must be our “Frenemies” in these cases. We have to help them help us to take down “Bad Guys”. Often, we later get DOJ, SEC. FTC, etc. to take over the whole cause and sue Google, Facebook, Tesla and the Silicon Valley Cartel directly, as they are now doing. During these cases all of the bad guys dirty laundering is covered in the news and posted with ICIJ, and transparency oganizations. That gets INTERPOL and the EU interested and then we have an international investigation. The Silicon Valley No Poaching Class Action Case and the Google/Facebook/Instagram cases are some of our favorites.

While Scott has directly sued the CIA’s rogue dirty tricks group: In-Q-Tel, Google, Alphabet, The White House, The Department of Energy, et al, for attacking him, personally in reprisal/vendetta/anti-competitive hired attacks, The feds and Congress eventually come in, later, for the final kills.

The DOE and ROE Defendant/Co-Conspirators will be identified via FBI, FINCEN, SEC and FTC testimony during trial. Because our cases in Federal Court FTCA, District Court-DC, District Court Northern Calif and Superior Court San Francisco are embarrassing to well-known politicians and their Silicon Valley oligarch financiers, we have received word, from our investigators and Court staff, that well-known politicians and their Silicon Valley oligarch financiers are attempting to stall, hide, delay, obfuscate and block the case. We have asked the court to appoint a lawyer to Scott via multiple, letters, emails, filing and phone calls. The organized crime-related DOE and ROE Defendant/Co-Conspirators have exerted influence to prevent Scott from receiving fair representation, their actions are detailed in the exhibits. We again ask for a court appointed lawyer for Scott.

Who is “We” – Since the ‘70’s our group has gathered the best investigative journalists (from outlets such as ICIJ, ProPublica, NPR, Wall Street Journal, CBS News 60 Minutes Investigators, etc.) top technologists, IC specialists, engineers, programmers, scientists and operations specialists from around the globe for each of our cutting edge projects. We assemble a ‘mission impossible’ type team for each of our ground-breaking efforts. That is who we are referring to when saying “We” did this, or that. Our singular efforts are the product of many… The modern GAME OF THRONES that Silicon Valley and Washington, DC have become has exposed criminally corrupt families that are addicted to money and dynastic power will screw over anybody, and any constituent, to grab more of that money and power. That is ‘not OK’ when such people are supposed to represent the public. Scott and his team have set over 30 World Records. These were primarily World’s ‘Firsts’ and World’s ‘Biggest’s’. These past efforts, though, pale in comparison to the current program: THE WORLD’S BIGGEST POLITICAL ANTI-CORRUPTION CAMPAIGN; and YOU can be part of the effort. Decades in preparation, it has already accomplished most of the program goals, but the epic finale phase is still ahead. Even though many of them are now dying, including one of our favorite witnesses, they are not dying fast enough.

If you hate politicians, and their Silicon Valley oligarch financiers, who are engaging in sex trafficking, bribery, insider trading, black-lists, media hit-jobs, tax evasion, money laundering, profiteering, stock market manipulation quid pro quo payola, RICO Law violations, Anti-trust law monopolization, revolving door job bribes, et al; then help bankrupt them, and their corrupt Big Tech corporations, using the most lethal weapon on Earth: THE TRUTH! We already got over 150+ of them to resign, get fired, get indicted or get arrested. We turned in more than five million pages of evidence to federal authorities. We helped the Government sue itself in history-making lawsuits and made federal laws to blockade crooked politicos from plying their trade. We filed criminal referrals with the FBI, DOJ, FTC, SEC, FEC and got the U.S. Government to sue Facebook, Google, Tesla and others for being lying criminal bastards that abuse society and Democracy. The Internet wrote a Do-It-Yourself Book about how YOU can take down corrupt insiders from the comfort of your living room. Want a copy? Who knew you could use millions of Kim Kardashian and Dixie D’Amelio clicks to wipe out dirty Senators.

– EXAMPLE CASE: Famous politicians and their Big Tech financiers joined forces to manipulate government funds, and stock market rigged “pumps” into their own pockets in the last two “stimulus” funds.

There has never been so much taxpayer cash given to so few people, where each, and every, one of the recipients was a friend of the politicians. Those who got the cash immediately skimmed “unjust stock market profits” with it and paid kick-backs to the politicians.

Almost every competitor to the insiders, was attacked and sabotaged using state and federal resources. The victims demand justice and restitution for the government investment fraud, loss of years of their lives under a false federal pretext, harassment and interference they suffered. The victims seek to be compensated for the malicious, proven, retribution tactics, lies, toxic exposures, vendetta cut-offs of all earned government funds and benefits, tort-based interference, “missing hard drives” and interdiction efforts conducted, with applicants own tax dollars, against the applicants. This is a felony-class slush-fund crime that has cost taxpayers trillions of dollars in losses and has cost Plaintiffs many tens of millions of dollars in damages and losses.

Big investment banks like J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, et al. coordinated these schemes with money laundering, tax evasion, offshore covert funds and other financial trickery. FinCEN, Interpol, FBI, GAO, and most other investigators, have proof of these assertions but they have been stalled from making arrests. The money-tracks go right back to the politicians families from the bank accounts of Google, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix, Sony Pictures, etc; forensic accounting records. Government agencies were in charge of making sure these crimes did not happen but they chose to ‘steal instead of serve’! They chose to help these crooks ‘cheat instead of compete’! The politicians that the taxpayers EMPLOY do not get to make hundreds of millions of dollars in crooked profits off of government funds that are supposed to help citizens.

During my work with the government, I and my peers, witnessed a large felony crime and reported it to the government. The perpetrators attacked me, in reprisal, and have told me they were going to “end my life”. I have suffered multiple different attacks which did begin to “end my life” and more are threatened. I live in fear for my life and income security daily. My private and federal investigators uncovered the prepetrators and the funds they expended to harm me (over $30M of “opposition research” and media attacks to date).

As a crime victim, I witnessed an organized criminal enterprise which affected the entire U.S. Treasury. The crime scheme involved: stock market manipulation, corrupt international mining deals and media company power manipulations. When I reported the crime, millions of dollars of, illicit, state-sponsored reprisal attacks were launched against me as vendetta…”

How the main part of the scheme worked: 1.) Politician buys stock in company “X” and it’s suppliers based on insider tip… 2.) Politician rigs government money to go to company “X”… 3.) Goldman Sachs & Google promote (pump) company “X” stock and skim fee’s from the valuation increase…4.) Politician gets profits from the pumped stock value…5.) Politician rigs decision process so that no competitors to Company “X” are allowed to get government funds or help…6.) Politician gets service’s “bills” from lawyers and consultant’s that are padded hundreds of times over…7) Politician pays over-charged bills with government funds and lawyers put the extra money in real estate, search engines, sex brothels and other things that Politician can take ownership of later on…8.) Company “X” arranges for Universities and corporations to hire Politician for $300,000.00 “speaker fee’s” and Netflix revolving door payola “Board Positions” that are really just bribery conduits…9.) Goldman Sachs relay’s Politicians extra money to off-shore money laundering outlets… RINSE – REPEAT…

Victim was specifically and illegally excluded from participation in funding, benefits, jobs and income by major political figures, including U.S. Senators and White House executives who he knew, and their Silicon Valley oligarch financiers. They attacked him because he would not cooperate with their sex trafficking, tax evasion, off-shore money laundering, political bribery quid-pro-quo, revolving door payola scams, foreign nation-sponsored domestic manipulations, stock market rigging, internet censorship and search engine manipulation and other crimes. They attacked him because he reported their crimes to federal police. They attacked him because his products obsoleted their products. They attacked him using taxpayer-funded state resources. That is a felony violation of the law. The ongoing cover-up of these crimes and attacks is also a felony violation of the law. He is owed damages compensation, witness fees and back-pay. The victim was attacked and fully disabled in 2008 via a number of harms and damages.

The victims were attacked in reprisal for helping law enforcement break a high-end crime case involving public officials. (The keywords: “Solyndra”, “Uranium1”, “Severstal”, “Cleantech Crash”, “Flashboy Algorithms” and related, should bring up the case matters in any forensic law enforcement database) (Court records case numbers are also available for additional investigation). Hundreds of thousands of case file records exist about this case. Victim “A” had personal relationships with some of the most well-known public figures in the nation as proven in letters, videos and news photos. Victim “A” was an eye-witnesses to the crimes under investigation. Victim “A” was a federal contractor/employee.

The Victims have suffered a large number of attacks and many of those attacks (and the attackers) have been forensically tracked back to financing by the public officials under investigation.We have con tacted every law enforcement and regulatory agency already. Each of them finger-point to another agency in an endless blame-game and/or a “not-our-responsibility” stone-walling run-around. The victims have suffered, and continue to suffer, violation of their civil, human and Constitutional rights.

The victims and their associates were induced to invest millions of dollars, and all of their life savings, in a government run project. It was later discovered that every government operator of that project was either financed by, friends, with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; the victims business adversaries, or the politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political digital search manipulation services to.

In addition to the damages from being defrauded by Government officials, each of the attacks on the victims has court precedent metrics, from other cases, that set a value to the additional damages suffered by the victims.


Victim “A” is now unable to afford a lawyer. “Free” legal services, such as the government’s LSC Corporation, and all other pro bono lawyers have refused to assist because they are conflicted-out as their funding, or support, of one, or another political candidates puts them in conflict-of-interest. David L. Anderson, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California, (San Francisco) and other U.S. Attorney’s were asked, in writing, to file a jury trial action on behalf of the Victim but they have not responded to communications. The FBI has informed us that this is an ongoing active investigation involving major public officials. We have received case numbers from many agencies but those agencies do not provide case updates. The attacks and damages include physical attacks; ramming of subjects car; death threats; exposure to toxic materials; SSA benefits blockades; tens of millions of dollars of Google/Gawker Media coordinated internet attacks and server manipulations and other tactics. We demand damages, back-pay, back-benefits, expenses, legal fees and related costs but government officials have cut off our ability to get legal counsel.

With the encouragement of members of Congress they used 100% legal tools to interdict the corruption.Essentially; they helped the United States government sue itself! First, with a unique new kind of pioneering federal lawsuit, victims established — FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LEGAL HISTORY — that political cronyism is a valid basis for a claim of arbitrary-and-capricious agency action under the Administrative Procedure Act. See: Federal Case One, (D.D.C. 2015). Second, they prevailed in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on their appeal of the district court’s ruling that an agency may escape judicial review of its action by requesting a voluntary remand but refusing to reconsider its initial denial of an application. See: Case Federal Two, (D.C. Cir. 2017). The Washington DC Circuit agreed with the victims that an agency may only seek a remand if it promises to reconsider its initial decision. It is because of that victory that the government, under court order is now re-doing the victims applications and GAO, FBI, IG’s and Congressional oversight offices are watching to assure effective ethics and transparency.

Third, these cases placed, on permanent public record, one of the most detailed documentation sets, ever assembled, about how modern political “Dark Money” conduits operate. The legal team hired ex-FBI, CIA and SEC experts to track down covert bank accounts, revolving door bribes, insider stock trades and other payola between the victim’s competitors and public officials. This documentation now prevents the use of those kinds of criminal efforts, in the future, by exposing their tactics to the public. Fourth, the victim’s team engaged in the interdiction and termination of corrupt agency executives, contractors and their financiers. This included some of the most well-known names in Washington, DC, at the time. Many of them were, and are still being, investigated and surveilled by the FBI, GAO, SEC and Congress. Fifth, and most important, the effort put every corrupt political scheme on notice that they WILL be found out and interdicted! The bottom line?The victims group WON on every single aspect of their public-interest goals but still have yet to be recompensed for their damages! Now the “bad guys” have less options to engage in the corruption of our Democracy!

– EXAMPLE CASES:  Also related are: SFPD Case # 150528148 ( – Company E (Northern District) Per Officer Liu – Badge # 4742 ) is relevant. Police incident report # 25119268 is relevant. OSC Case File No. MA-19-002006 is relevant. OSC Case File DI-15-4541 is relevant. California Victim Compensation & Government Claims Board Claim # G628261 is relevant. Also relevant are: Case No. 1:20-cv-03010 ( Google monopoly and competitor attacks case); Case No. 11-CV-2509  (  ); Task force Case No. 20-xyz2020a  ( ); Case No. 20-03664 ( ); Case No. 1:12-CV-00774-mms and related cases. ( Criminal referrals against the attackers have been filed with the FBI, DOJ, SEC, FEC, FTC ); Case No. 18-cv-8865 (S.D.N.Y.)(SEC v. Elon Musk for lies and scams ); Case No. 18-cv-8947 (S.D.N.Y.)( SEC v. Tesla, Inc. for lies and scams ); Case No. 1:14-cv-270143 ( Google racketeering charges – ); Case No. 1:19-cr-00490 ( United States v. Epstein – Big tech sex cult crimes case ); Case No. 129 So.3d 1196 (Fla. 2d DCA 2014); 170 So.3d 125 (Fla. 2d DCA 2015) ( Gawker Media, LLC v. Bollea in which Gawker, Deadspin, Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Jezebel, Kotaku and Lifehacker were exposed as character assassination and money-laundering fronts working for notorious third parties); Case No. 19-cv-343672 James Martin (on behalf of ALPHABET INC) v Larry Page et al (Sex Cults In Silicon Valley ); Case No. CGC-11-508414, California Superior Court, San Francisco (Plaintiff v Google ); Case No. 3:16-cv-03061 U.S. DISTRICT COURT, NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA, San Francisco Division ( Plaintiff V. Google/Alphabet/YouTube); Case No. 18-CIV05380 Rubin Vs. Rubin (Google sex cult and sex slave charges ); Case No. : 1:17 – cv – 06404  Vs. Rubin (Organized crime sex trafficking stock market manipulators ); Case No. D.C. No. 3:17-cv-05369 – VC (Big tech harassment of outsiders);Case No. 3:21-cv-00077  (Another of many lawsuits proving that the Silicon Valley Cartel conspires to manipulate media and markets) and the SFPD Roger Boas case records.