2020 Oct 22

Regarding the news headlines:

Regarding the news headlines:

The founders of Google, Facebook, Netflix, Sony Vue, and Youtube knew me and went to school with me. They, and their investors, asked to look at my technologies and companies which I had engineered, launched as businesses, patented and shown them under NDA years before they copied them and started their own versions of them. The emails, NDA's, patent office files, leaks and lawsuit records prove it. They "spied and lied". They chose to "cheat rather than compete". They aimed over 16 billion dollars of lobbyists at the United States Patent Office in order to blockade the rights of small inventors like me. They hired millions of dollars of Fusion GPS-type media attackers to run hit-jobs on me, and other entrepreneurs, because they could not face the truth in a fair fight.

This is not a matter of crying over spilled milk. Those companies and their founders ran an organized crime operation Cartel. That assertion is proven in the books: "Brotopia" by Emily Chang; "Whistleblower" by Susan Fowler, "A Colossal Wreck" By Alexander Cockburn, "Emotional Intelligence" By Daniel Goleman, "Drain The Swamp" By Ken Buck, "How Political Corruption Actually Works" By The Wiki Law-Pedia Group, "Deleted" By Allum Bokhari, "The Creepy Line" By Matthew Taylor, "Chaos Monkeys" By Antonio Martinez, "Disrupted" By Dan Lyons, "Catch and Kill" By Ronan Farrow, "Permanent Record" By Edward Snowden, "Throw Them All Out" By Peter Schweizer, "The Circle" By David Eggers, "World Without Mind" By Franklin Foer, "A Journey into the Savage Heart of Silicon Valley" By Corey Pein, and in hundreds of other books and thousands of reports from the FBI, DOJ, FEC, SEC, FTC, EU, Inspector General's and other government organizations globally. It is proven in the CBS news 60 Minutes episodes: "The Cleantech Crash", "Congress Trading On Insider Information", "The Lobbyists Playbook" and other segments. It is proven in the feature documentary films including: "Too Big To Fail", "Inside Job", and "Omerta - A Corruption Story". They are deeply connected to the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and other notorious folks. They buy elections with impunity.

It is proven in hundreds of lawsuits, including Silicon Valley divorce court filings for abuse, available at www.pacer.gov and it is now proven by the United States Government in the latest of a series of federal monopoly lawsuits. Per federal Case # 1:20-cv-03010 :

“Today, millions of Americans rely on the Internet and online platforms for their daily lives.  Competition in this industry is vitally important, which is why the challenge against Google — the gatekeeper of the Internet — for violating antitrust laws is a monumental case both for the Department of Justice and for the American people,” said Attorney General William Barr. “Since my confirmation, I have prioritized the Department’s review of online market-leading platforms to ensure that our technology industries remain competitive.  This lawsuit strikes at the heart of Google’s grip over the internet for millions of American consumers, advertisers, small businesses and entrepreneurs beholden to an unlawful monopolist.”

 “As with its historic antitrust actions against AT&T in 1974 and Microsoft in 1998, the Department is again enforcing the Sherman Act to restore the role of competition and open the door to the next wave of innovation—this time in vital digital markets,” said Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen.

As one of the wealthiest companies on the planet with a market value of $1 trillion, Google is the monopoly gatekeeper to the internet for billions of users and countless advertisers worldwide. For years, Google has accounted for almost 90 percent of all search queries in the United States and has used anti-competitive tactics to maintain and extend its monopolies in search and search advertising. Stanford University trained these people to be the worst version of criminal frat boys the world could have imagined. Now America must make things right again.  

As alleged in the Complaint, Google has entered into a series of exclusionary agreements that collectively lock up the primary avenues through which users access search engines, and thus the internet, by requiring that Google be set as the preset default general search engine on billions of mobile devices and computers worldwide and, in many cases, prohibiting preinstallation of a competitor. In particular, the Complaint alleges that Google has unlawfully maintained monopolies in search and search advertising by:

- Entering into exclusivity agreements that forbid preinstallation of any competing search service.
- Entering into tying and other arrangements that force preinstallation of its search applications in prime locations on mobile devices and make them undeletable, regardless of consumer preference.
- Entering into long-term agreements with Apple that require Google to be the default – and de facto exclusive – general search engine on Apple’s popular Safari browser and other Apple search tools.
- Generally using monopoly profits to buy preferential treatment for its search engine on devices, web browsers, and other search access points, creating a continuous and self-reinforcing cycle of monopolization.

These and other anticompetitive practices harm competition and consumers, reducing the ability of innovative new companies to develop, compete, and discipline Google’s behavior.

The antitrust laws protect our free market economy and forbid monopolists from engaging in anticompetitive practices. They also empower the Department of Justice to bring cases like this one to remedy violations and restore competition, as it has done for over a century in notable cases involving monopolists over other critical industries undergirding the American economy like Standard Oil and the AT&T telephone monopoly. Decades ago the Department’s case against Microsoft recognized that the antitrust laws forbid anticompetitive agreements by high-technology monopolists to require preinstalled default status, to shut off distribution channels to rivals, and to make software undeletable. The Complaint alleges that Google is using similar agreements itself to maintain and extend its own dominance and to attack and destroy smaller companies and inventors.

The Complaint alleges that Google’s anticompetitive practices have had harmful effects on competition and consumers. Google has foreclosed any meaningful search competitor from gaining vital distribution and scale, eliminating competition for a majority of search queries in the United States. By restricting competition in search, Google’s conduct has harmed consumers by reducing the quality of search (including on dimensions such as privacy, data protection, and use of consumer data), lessening choice in search, and impeding innovation. By suppressing competition in advertising, Google has the power to charge advertisers more than it could in a competitive market and to reduce the quality of the services it provides them. Through filing the lawsuit, the Department seeks to stop Google’s anticompetitive conduct and restore competition for American consumers, advertisers, and all companies now reliant on the internet economy.

Those who cover-up for these crooks will experience a wrath like nothing they can imagine! The payback will come from the courts, the public, the news media, the history books and a new kind of AI software forensics!