VR and Experience Simulator Inventions By Scott D Redmond. Scott is the Developer, Patent Winner, Producer and Innovator for key VR, tactical and flight simulator industry "firsts" including the "Holodeck" (Also known as "The Cave") VR Chamber", VR Glasses wearables decades before Google Glass was even conceived of, CyberChair (used in the national Merrill Lynch TV commercial), the "First VRML" software and web browser under Windows, and Tactile VR Surfaces. Scott received significant media coverage about his many inventions in this field. He was featured on E! Entertainment Network for advising the Oliver Stone TV Series: "Wild Palms" and for building and receiving the first U.S. Federal patents on the first working VR Cave and VR Holodeck walk-in synthetic reality chambers as seen on major TV shows. His "Cyber-Pod" was the world's first 360 degree rotation, all-axis, spinning human gyro device for total VR immersion working in a public venue. It was also the first to be entirely PC powered and rendered. His devices are used globally in military, medical, CAD, entertainment and design fields. Scott also produced the first VR Bunji Jump experience where his team helicopter high-resolution photographed the Grand Canyon for a virtual Bunji Jump from the rim to the Colorado River below. His VR rides were experienced nationwide in major sports stadiums and other venues. Scott was a business partner with Silicon Graphics.

Scott Douglas Redmond was the Artistic Director For hundreds of projects. He created and over-the-shoulder directed visualization artists from Disney, LucasFilm, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and other graphics arts leaders to show his concept ideas for future deliverables. Scott has produced original art for many of his projects in order to help clients and employers visualize the intent for the finished creation. He won national awards for: "STAR RANGER" (The first 3D ride-film produced entirely on PC's) and other productions.